Casualty’s Richard Winsor: ‘Cal gets a surprise package from Taylor – a baby!'

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Casualty star Richard Winsor talks to What’s on TV about Cal’s baby shock when the long-running medical drama treats us to a red button special…

How is Cal when we catch up with him in this week’s Casualty week?

"Cal’s really starting to get back on track thanks to his brother Ethan’s help. In this episode we even see him put himself out there and advise the sister of a patient, who’s going through some of the things he went through."

But there’s a shock in store?

"Taylor suddenly turns up right at the end of the episode and Cal feels like he’s been hit over the head. During the red button episode showing after the main Casualty show, all Cal’s feelings come flooding back. He doesn’t know if he hates her, loves her, or should call the police! It’s essential viewing… Cal decides to hear Taylor out and gets given a surprise package - a baby!"

Is it love at first sight with the baby, who may (or may not!) be his daughter?

"It takes a bit of time, self-loathing and regret, but then he really falls for her. Once Cal gets over his hatred for Taylor he discovers he wants to commit to something worthwhile in his life in a way he never has before. It’s a chance for redemption and a more mature, responsible life."

Is this a story that will run and run?

"This story is massive and will affect the brothers hugely over the coming months. Cal really falls for this baby, and seeing him and Ethan (George Rainsford) cope with a baby is both funny and touching. There are twists and turns that are going to challenge them in dramatic ways! It gets very emotional."

Were you and George excited to get your teeth into such a dramatic Casualty storyline?

"It’s a real gift! After all the painful stuff Ethan and Cal went through when Cal stole his brother’s inheritance of £15,000 for Taylor, it was lovely to see the brothers rekindle and rebuild their relationship, knowing something bigger was coming up! The arrival of this baby is certainly a challenge for them. They both want to give her the life she deserves, but whether they go about it in the right or wrong way remains to be seen! They have to make serious decisions quickly in the 10-minute red button ep!"

Did you enjoy the experience of working with children?

"I really loved working with such young babies. There’s a certain amount of ad libbing involved, as you never know what they’re going to do! Working with the two beautiful babies, who play Taylor’s daughter, kept George and I fresh - and brought a certain spontaneity to the scenes!"

Fans will be happy to see Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn back in her role as Taylor…

"I love working with Sarah! I was in Hollyoaks in 2011 (playing Father Francis), but only for a short while. Sarah left Hollyoaks a month into when I joined, so we didn’t really get to know each other or work together. When she joined Casualty as Taylor we got on like a house on fire. So it’s really great to be working with her again. The characters’ storyline has developed beautifully. A lot of honesty explodes out in this special. Its really powerful stuff!"

Catch this Casualty explosive episode and red button special on BBC1, Saturday, October 10

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