Chelsee Healey: 'Casualty staff don't take to Honey initially'

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Former Waterloo Road star Chelsee Healey tells us all about her new role in Casualty as bonkers barista Honey Wright...

Your character arrives in the ED on the day of paramedic Jeff's funeral and makes quite a dramatic entrance!

"It's a very moving episode because everyone's grieving for Jeff, but Honey bursts in with her bright colours and her big mouth. She even drives a candy pink car with huge eyelashes on the front! She's on her way to her new job as a barista in the hospital shop and sees an injured woman in the road. So she brings her in to the ED and rubs a few people up the wrong way."

Was it fun driving a bright pink car?

"Well, I haven't passed my test yet which meant we had to film it carefully so that you don't see that I'm not actually driving it! I loved it though."

How would you describe Honey?

"She's very out there - she thinks she can read people's auras, but it's actually a load of rubbish! She's similar to Janeece in Waterloo Road because she's very bubbly and speaks before she thinks. But she also has a really big heart."

Does she bond with any of the staff straight away?

"People don't take to her immediately, especially receptionist Louise who thinks Honey is stepping on her toes. But she has chemistry with Ethan and in later episodes they end up having a little romance which is really sweet. They're not a couple you would necessarily put together, but it does work in a strange way."

How does she get involved in Jeff's funeral?

"Honey sees what everybody's going through so she tries to brighten up the day by making a memory board for Jeff, gathering up loads of photos of him. Unfortunately she gets it wrong and calls it a 'mood board'! But it's really sweet and everyone warms to her."

You were in Waterloo Road for eight years, do you hope to stay in Casualty for a while?

"At the moment it's a semi-regular part so I've signed a four-month contract and we'll have to see if the viewers like her. I spent most of my teenage years on Waterloo Road, but I would love another long term role as you can really get to know a character and play about with lots of different storylines."

Will you be supporting your Strictly Come Dancing partner Pasha, who's dancing with Caroline Flack this year?

"I find it hard to watch now because I miss it so much. But I think Pasha and Caroline will do really well and I'll be supporting them. Every year I'm invited to go along to the studio and watch so I'll try to go this series. I haven't kept up my with dancing  - I only dance in clubs nowadays.

What would be your dream role on TV?

"I'd love to do a soap, especially Coronation Street as it's based in my home town of Manchester and I've grown up watching it. I'd also love to play something out of my comfort zone like a really evil character. That would make a change!"


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