Celebrity Big Brother 2016 is won by Scotty T

scotty t big brother

So, after weeks of tears, tantrums, screaming matches and bedroom shenanigans – and that was  just from former Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis – we had our Celebrity Big Brother finalists for 2016…

The line-up was Stephanie, former EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook, US reality TV star Tiffany Pollard, star of West End musicals Darren Day, former musical theatre star and another former EastEnder John Partridge and Geordie Shore’s Scotty T.

But there could only be one winner, and that was Scotty T.

“You only received two nominations in the whole series and were only up for eviction once,” host Emma Willis said to him. “Why do you think that was?”

“I think I got on well with everyone," Scotty answered. "Most of the arguments that happened were pathetic and I didn’t want to get involved. Obviously, I’d have a rant in the Diary Room, though.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 winner Scotty T


“We know your Geordie Shore persona, the notches on your bedpost and the boozing and I think it’s surprised a lot people how level-headed and rational you are – and how much you like maths! Did you intend to show people that side of you? We’ve seen a lovely lad…” Emma told him.

“I’m generously just a nice kid. Don’t get me wrong, though, I like to party!” Scotty laughed.

Runner-up was Stephanie, who exited to a rainswept crowd.

“Wow! It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my whole entire life,” Stephanie told Emma.

“I was worried about the crowd reaction. I figured part of it was to do with Jeremy.”

It rained on Stephanie's parade as she exited as runner-up


And what about fellow contestant Jeremy McConnell?

“You had a boyfriend when you went into the house,” Emma pointed out.

“Sam broke my heart but I kept staying with him. Jeremy made me feel like I never felt before. He’s the best thing going. Sam made me feel worthless by cheating and hurting me. Jeremy gave me self-worth.”

“What’s going to happen in the future?” Emma asked.

“I don’t know. Right now Jeremy’s the best person I’ve ever met. But he might just want to be friends…”

Darren exited the house in third place and looked a bit disappointed, although he said he wasn't.

“I’ve been over the moon to be in the final. Made up to be in the top three. There were some great moments in there. Incredibly grateful to have the opportunity. It’s a unique experience,” he told Emma.

“It felt like you were trying to learn from it,” Emma said.

“With the arguments, you really feel it. As a young man I was really volatile. That’s not how I live my life any more. But it’s not easy to deal with in there. All I wanted to do was show the British public and media who I am now.”

Darren looked disappointed to come third in Celebrity Big Brother


“What about your relationship with John? How did you feel when he nominated you face to face?” Emma asked.

“He upset me. I was a fan of John’s. I felt hurt and vulnerable. Everything is cool now, though. We’re all sorted.”

Tiffany was in fourth place.

“This feels like a win to me,” she told Emma. “Being in the final was good enough for me tonight.

“I was like a fish out of water at first. I don’t want to say it was a US/UK divide. It just felt like maybe I was too much bitch for the house. Then I knew I had to start making tea and coffee and saying ‘good morning’ to people to survive in there.”

Tiffany said finishing fourth felt like a win to her


“Well, when you kicked off you really kicked off,” Emma told her. “How much of that is really you?”

“That was me 100 per cent of the time. That house makes you crazy. People’s audacity to be fake in the house and talk sh*t really wound me up.”

“What about the boys? You are possibly the most uninhibited housemate we’ve ever had,” Emma told her.

“Scotty was afraid me,” Tiffany said, “because he knew that once he went black he would never go back!"

Danniella finished in fifth place.

“I’m over the moon. Can’t believe I made the final," she told Emma. "The whole programme has been an amazing experience and changed my life. It’s given me a lot of confidence. I just want my kids to be able to say ‘That’s my mum and she’s not some messy drug addict’.”

Emma wanted to know who she found it hardest to live with in the house.

Danniella says she got a lot of confidence from being in Celebrity Big Brother


“The hardest person for me to live with was David Gest as he was so upbeat all the time and I never knew when he was being serious.”

John was first to exit the house in last place and there was a lot of booing.

“Isn’t it great to be a villain?” he said to Emma.

Then he got serious about his time in the house.

“Everything in there is amplified,” he said. “I’ve made fun of reality TV in the past and now I’m a bit ashamed of that. Situations in there are so explosive and you live with permanent tension."

John exits the Celebrity Big Brother house in last place


On nominating Darren and confronting him about his past drug addiction after just three days, John said:

“I nominated Darren because I was concerned about him. I didn’t think about how it would affect me.”

But it was clear what the public thought as they shouted “off off off” as Emma interviewed him.