Roku Ultra at $69 is a must-buy

Roku Ultra 2020
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When folks ask us which Roku they should buy, we always say Roku Ultra. Yes, on a typical day it costs twice as much as other Roku fare that also has support for 4K resolution. But today is not a typical day. Today finds the 2020 Roku Ultra (they get updated every couple years or so) on sale for just $69. And that that price, it's pretty much a must-buy situation.

The big selling points for Roku Ultra over the less-expensive options are that it's more powerful, it has an Ethernet port so you don't have to deal with flaky wireless connections, and it has a USB port for external storage. Have a hard drive full of movies and pictures and stuff? Just plug it in.

Roku Ultra also comes with the Roku Voice Remote, which has a headphone jack for private listening. That means you can stay up all night watching TV, and not wake anyone in the process. And if you need a set of earbuds, Roku has you covered there, too, with a set included in the box. 

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Roku also throws in an HDMI 2.2 cable as well, so you won't have to go hunting for one.

And just like every other Roku device, Roku Ultra also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.

If Amazon just isn't your thing, you also can snag this Roku Ultra deal at Best Buy, and on Roku's site itself. The deals are good until June 12.

The Best Roku You Can Buy
Roku Ultra 2020
The Best Roku You ...

Roku Ultra 2020 is the best Roku streaming player you can buy. It supports 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos for audio and Dolby Vision for HDR. It has Ethernet for faster networking, USB for external storage, and the fastest Wifi you can get with Roku. Roku Ultra also comes with the Roku Voice remote, which features a headphone jack for private listening. It also comes with premium earbuds.

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