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The Choice | Film review - The fateful twists are no surprise in Nicholas Sparks' latest movie

The Choice Teresa Palmer Benjamin Walker
The Choice starring Teresa Palmer & Benjamin Walker

Fate has surprises in store for Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer's star-crossed couple, but the latest Nicholas Sparks movie has none for the viewer.

The Choice Teresa Palmer Benjamin Walker

The latest movie romance to roll off the Nicholas Sparks production line, The Choice is so wearily predictable that even die-hard fans of the author’s best-selling weepies – and their screen adaptations - will probably feel short-changed. It’s yet another tale of star-crossed lovers, and, as ever with Sparks, the spectre of tragedy looms for Benjamin Walker’s easygoing North Carolina veterinarian and Teresa Palmer’s tightly wound medical student following their feisty courtship. The story, though, is so thin that the filmmakers must resort to umpteen shots of picturesque sunrises and sunsets to pad out the underwhelming action.


Certificate 12. Runtime 107 mins. Director Ross Katz

The Choice is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD, courtesy of Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

Extra Features:            

  • Deleted scenes
  • Cinematic choices: Making The Choice
  • Nicholas Sparks with…
  • Choosing Home: Nicholas Sparks and North Carolina
  • Molly & Moby: Choice Dogs
  • Natalia Safran’s “Daylight” Music Video
  • Audio Commentary with Director Ross Katz and Actor Benjamin Walker