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Personal Shopper | Kristen Stewart captivates in Olivier Assayas's spooky mystery thriller

Personal Shopper Kristen Stewart

Personal Shopper Kristen Stewart

Millennial angst and spooky chills.

There’s a supernatural element to this strange mystery thriller starring Kristen Stewart, but we’re a world away from Twilight. Stewart’s character, Maureen, is a personal shopper to a globetrotting socialite, flitting between high-fashion boutiques and ateliers in Paris and London to find clothes for her absent employer. She is also a grief-stricken medium and is trying to make contact with the spirit of her recently deceased twin brother, who died from the congenital heart condition she shares.

The enigmatic narrative that ensues is decidedly odd, and the slow pace will bore some viewers rigid, but the film’s mix of ghost story, psychological drama and suspense chiller is genuinely spooky and unsettling, while Stewart, working again with Clouds of Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas, once more demonstrates that few can match her when it comes to conveying twitchy millennial angst.

Certificate 15. Runtime 105 mins. Director Olivier Assayas

Personal Shopper on Digital Platforms from July 10 and on Blu-ray and DVD July 17.