Serengeti – BBC1

(Image credit: BBC/John Downer Productions/Rich)

The many animals of the Serengeti in Tanzania are shown as you’ve never seen them before in this fascinating new BBC documentary

BBC’s stunning series takes viewers inside the dramatic lives of animal family groups through the changing seasons in Africa’s spectacular Serengeti.

First, we meet lioness Kali, struggling to bring up cubs on her own, and follow the faltering first steps of an adorable baby elephant (pictured above).

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While the camerawork is impressive, the emphasis is on storytelling and the very human emotions these creatures appear to express, from the sibling rivalry of a sulky teenage elephant to the jealousy of a jilted baboon in a love triangle.

BBC Serengeti, leopard relaxing

A leopard takes a break before springing into action in BBC’s Serengeti

There are lots of hugely dramatic moments – including a hunting leopard leaping from a treetop on to its prey – that you won’t have seen before.

TV Times rating: *****

Ian MacEwan
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