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The World According to Kids

The last episode of the Real Life documentary The World According to Kids
(Image credit: BBC/Danny Fildes)

In this week's final episode, the kids explore the challenges, problems and responsibilities that come with adulthood

'Do you know how to spell "death"?' asks one child of another as they work on an exercise to identify the worries that children and adults have.

In our final week with these smart, funny and quizzical kids, the theme is adulthood and its challenges, problems and responsibilities.

Bradford 10-year-old Sahar is wrestling with a decision about her identity in the next phase of her life: will she wear her hijab when she starts secondary school?

In Liverpool, Scarlett, nine, is moving house and about to get her own room – a prospect that makes her feel grown-up, but could also be challenging in the face of her autism.