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Is there a Day Shift 2? Is Big John a Vampire in Day Shift? All your questions answered

Dave Franco and Jamie Foxx in a blue truck in Day Shift - Is Big John a vampire in Day Shift?
Get the answers you're looking for about the Netflix horror-comedy, Day Shift. (Image credit: Parris Lewis/Neflix)

Day Shift is a Netflix original movie that sees Jamie Foxx playing Bud Jablonski, a blue-collar dad who secretly provides for his 8-year-old daughter by hunting vampires and selling their fangs on the black market to try and turn a profit. 

He lost his place in the vampire hunter’s union for his reckless hunting techniques As his money troubles continue to build up, he is forced to try and get his job back at the vampire hunting union.

With the horror-comedy hitting the top spot in Netflix’s movie list, there are plenty of questions springing up about Day Shift. So, is Big John a vampire? Is there a Day Shift 2? Here's everything we know... 

Is Big John a Vampire in Day Shift?  

Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx in Day Shift

Big John (left) helps Bud get back on the vampire hunting union's good side.  (Image credit: Parrish Lewis/Netflix)

One of the big questions around Day Shift is whether Big John — the vampire hunter played by Snoop Dogg— is transformed into a vampire himself.

It certainly seems that way. Big John manages to save the day when Bud raids Audrey’s stronghold to rescue his family from the villainous vampire. During the assault, Bud and his vampire-hunting gang Heather and Seth end up pinned down whilst being attacked by their vampiric foes.

Cue Big John, who drives into the building armed with a huge chain gun. He mows their attackers down, but in the process, he gets bitten in the neck, leading many to believe he's been turned into a vampire himself.

After getting bitten, Big John decided to sacrifice himself and make a heroic last stand, detonating a bomb strapped to himself and apparently sacrificing himself in the process. However, we see him climbing out of the sewer at the end of the movie, seemingly unscathed.

It's not revealed how Big John survived the blast, in much the same way that we've been left in the dark over whether Big John has been transformed into one of Day Shift's many vampires. If a sequel does come along in the future, perhaps we’ll get a more concrete answer on the final moments of the film.

For a closer look at what went down in the final moments of the movie, check out our Day Shift ending explained feature.

Is there a Day Shift 2? 

Right now, we don’t know whether Day Shift is getting a sequel just yet. However, since Day Shift only hit Netflix on August 12, it’s probably a bit too early to know whether there will be a Day Shift 2.

The film was released to mixed reviews — it has a 58% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab) at the time of writing — but it has fared better with audiences and became the top film on Netflix the weekend it was released, so there’s still a solid chance that a sequel could come along later down the line. 

Where was Day Shift filmed? 

Day Shift is set in California’s San Fernando Valley, so it’s no surprise that the majority of filming took place on location in and around Los Angeles, California.

Most of the shooting took place in the San Fernando Valley, though (opens in new tab) also reports that a chunk of filming also took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The Gwinnett Place Mall — which fans of Stranger Things might recognize — was used for a shootout, whilst parts of the film were shot at a part of OFC Norcross and were also used for interior scenes.

Is Snoop Dogg in two vampire movies on Netflix?

Yes, Snoop Dogg has appeared in another vampire movie that's hit Netflix. Along with Day Shift, he also plays himself in a cameo in The House Next Door: Meet the Black 2, an R-rated horror comedy that has also recently been added to the Netflix library.

The House Next Door is a sequel to Deon Taylor's 2016 movie, Meet the Blacks. In the sequel, Carl Black takes his family back to his childhood home in Chicago, though trouble soon follows.

In Chicago, he is forced to team up with his oddball neighbors to do battle with the eccentric Dr Mamuwalde, the person who has just moved in next door and whom Carl strongly suspects is actually a vampire trying to prey upon his family. Currently, the film sits at a 17% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab).

Day Shift is available to stream exclusively on Netflix right now.

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