Joel Dommett — things you didn't know about Survivor UK host

Joel Dommett photographed in front of lit torches on a beach at sundown for Survivor UK 2023
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Joel Dommett is one of the most popular presenters on our TV screens, hosting the new BBC One series Survivor UK and of course, fronting the Masked Singer

Talking about Survivor, he says: "The way I'd explain Survivor is that it's as complicated or simple as you want it to be. At its essence, Survivor is people surviving on an island trying not to be voted off by their tribe in order to win £100,000. That is it at its absolute simplicity but then there's loads of really amazing layers to it; you have hidden immunity idols, then you have immunity challenges, you have reward challenges."

Joel, who's now a dad, began his career as a stand-up comedian, presenter, and actor, including a stint in the popular E4 drama Skins. His big break came when he starred in the sixteenth series of I'm a Celebrity… Get me Out of Here! in 2016. 

His friendly manner, good humor, and have-a-go attitude impressed his fellow campmates and the public at home and he eventually came second in the series, only losing out to Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt. Since then, he's been a contestant on plenty of celebrity TV shows and has become the current host of the NTAs.

We all know he likes shouting "take it off!" at celebs dressed in the most outrageous costumes on The Masked Singer, but here are a few other things you might not know about the funnyman and TV presenter...

1. He has tattoos of Ant and Dec!

In 2019, when Joel was hosting the ITV spin-off show to I'm a Celebrity, Extra Camp, he revealed he'd actually had inked the names "Ant" and "Dec" on each leg.

"I want you to walk with me forever!" exclaimed Joel to the shocked Ant and Dec, who both thought it was hilarious. 

A big fan of tattoos Joel is covered in ink, including a crow on one of his arms and a portrait of legendary American actor Gregory Peck on the other. He got that one because one of Gregory's films The Paradine Case was the movie his grandparents watched on their first date. Joel has never seen the film himself and even his grandparents said it wasn't great, but it's a sweet sentiment anyway! 

2. Presenting The Masked Singer UK is Joel Dommett's dream job

Joel Dommett

Who's beneath the mask?   (Image credit: ITV)

Joel presented the first series of The Masked Singer UK in January 2020. The ITV show was like nothing else on the box and was an instant hit as viewers loved the crazy costumes and the mystery of trying to guess who was hiding beneath.

He told OK! magazine, "I love that everyone is enjoying it. It’s so lovely. I think it’s so striking to watch, you change the channel and you’re like, 'What the hell is this?' Then five minutes later you’re completely addicted. People can’t believe they’re addicted to lunacy!"

He went on to add that he loves every minute of filming. "I hope I’m never jaded by it because it’s such a joyous show. It’s not cynical in any way. I really love that it does what it says on the tin, you are trying to guess who the people in insane costumes are. It’s a dream job. I’m a very lucky boy."

3. His first ever magazine cover was for TV Times

While his appearance on I'm a Celebrity in 2016 propelled him from the fringes of the entertainment business into the hearts of the nation, it was The Masked Singer UK that made Joel a household name. 

The cover of TV Times magazine celebrates the second series of the show, which singer Joss Stone went on to win after hiding inside a giant sausage costume and belting out some brilliant songs including I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor and the Whitney Houston classic I Wanna Dance With Somebody

4. He's a bestselling author

In 2018, Joel published his first memoir, It's Not Me It's Them: Confessions of a Hopeless Modern Romantic.

He was inspired to write the book after finding the diary he wrote when he was 17, which detailed his ambitions to find love. The book then goes on to chart the ups and downs of his love life.

And while the funny and often embarrassing stories were a big hit with readers, Joel also had another very personal reason to write it…

5. He proposed to his girlfriend on the final page of his best-selling book… and she said yes!

After first getting to know model Hannah Cooper on Instagram in 2016, he then proposed to her two years later on the final page of his book. 

Thankfully, his grand gesture went down well! The pair tied the knot on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos in front of 28 of their closest friends and family. 

The pair honeymooned in Mexico and then got matching tattoos to mark their two-month anniversary.

6. He's done some crazy things with his mate Nish Kumar

For the TV show Joel & Nish Vs. The World, Joel tested his strength and fitness against some of the toughest people in the world, while his good friend and fellow presenter Nish Kumar mainly looked on and laughed. 

The pair traveled the globe including visiting Mongolia where Joel tried wrestling, as well as long-distance running in Mexico and scaling the Andes in Peru. The above post shows Joel and Nish in Argentina from series 2, where they lived the life of a Gaucho, riding horses and herding cattle across the vast plains. 

7. He reckons he'd be awful at Survivor!

Joel reckons he'd be dreadful if he had to take part in Survivor UK himself.

"I’d be awful at it. I think physically I'd be okay because I love that sort of stuff. I don't mind getting down and dirty with things and going to that dark place in your mind where you've got to hold onto something for seven hours or whatever it is that they put you through in Survivor

"But it's that mental side of things that I would say I'm very bad at. I wouldn’t be very good at manipulating a group because I can barely manipulate myself! No poker face for that, I’d be awful."

Joel Dommett's Fact File

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about Joel Dommett...

How old is Joel Dommett?

Joel was born on June, 8 1985, making him 38 years old. 

Where was Joel Dommett born?

Joel was born in Rockhampton in Gloucestershire.

Is Joel Dommett married?

Yes! Joel married Hannah Cooper on September 9, 2019.

Does Joel Dommett have any children?

Yes, Joel and his wife announced the birth of their first child, Wilde Cooper-Dommett, in September 2023.

Instagram: @joeldommett 

Twitter: @joeldommett

The latest series of The Masked Dancer UK premieres on Saturday, September 3 at 6.30 pm on ITV.

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