The Masked Singer UK winners: who they are and what they wore!

Chicken Ceasar, Air Fryer, Bubble Tea, Owl, Piranha & Eiffel Tower - The Masked Singer UK 2024
The Masked Singer UK winners: who they are and what they wore! (Image credit: ITV/Bandicoot TV)

Can you remember The Masked Singer UK winners and what amazing costume hid their identity? 

The last five series (and some added specials!) have seen a host of stars disguised under the most outrageous outfits from Rubbish, Jacket Potato, Traffic Cone and Doughnuts.

The ITV series is presented by comedian Joel Dommett and features a panel of celebrity judges who try and guess who is hidden beneath the extravagant disguises. Throughout the series, subtle clues are given to help reveal who is beneath the mask, although they are often too cryptic to be of much help!

The Masked Singer UK 2024 kept us guessing which celebrities were hiding behind the elaborate costumes as Piranha, Cricket and Bigfoot all fought to be crowned the champion of season 5.

Here's a reminder of who has triumphed before them on The Masked Singer UK stage...

Who won series one of The Masked Singer UK?

Queen Bee

What a buzzing performance! (Image credit: ITV)

Series one of The Masked Singer UK premiered on ITV on January 4, 2020. It featured 12 celebrities all hidden beneath the most brilliant and bonkers costumes. 

The judging panel was made up of American actor Ken Jeong, TV presenter Davina McCall, singer Rita Ora and chat show host Jonathan Ross

Take it off!

Queen Bee on The Masked Singer.

Sting like a bee! (Image credit: ITV)

The first ever winner was former Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts who was crowned champion after wowing the panel and studio audience with her vocals. 

Her costume was Queen Bee and her final song was Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi.

Judge Davina McCall was shocked and thrilled to see Nicola behind the mask saying, "You are amazing, your singing has been just jaw dropping from the very start, that mask gave you a confidence."

Nicola also loved taking part in the show as her Instagram post below shows…

And the runner up was…?

Jason Manford as Hedgehog on The Masked Singer.

Jason Manford as Hedgehog. (Image credit: ITV)

Comedian Jason Manford came second in series one, disguised as a very smartly dressed Hedgehog. He sang the classic Cry Me a River as his final song and impressed everyone with his vocal talents. 

After finally revealing who he was he said, "I've just loved this show, it's been fabulous," before adding the amazing lengths the show goes to to keep the contestants' identity hidden. "From the moment you leave your house you are in a hoody that says 'don't speak to me', a visor, it's like MI5, it's amazing."

The hoody from the show also came in use again as Jason's Instagram post shows…

And in third place…

In third place was Katherine Jenkins who was disguised as Octopus and sang the Mary Poppins classic Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for her final performance. The classical singer was inspired to take part in the show for her daughter who loves octopuses, especially pink and purple ones!

Katherine Jenkins as Octopus on The Masked Singer.

Katherine Jenkins as Octopus. (Image credit: ITV)

She said, "It's been so fun. In my normal career it can be quite serious and quite static and so to be able to do something where you can create a new character and sing songs you would never in a million years sing, it's been really really fun."

She also admitted she had tried her best to hide her operatic voice at the early stages of the competition.

Who won series two of The Masked Singer UK?

Joel Dommett and Sausage on The Masked Singer.

Joel Dommett and Sausage. (Image credit: ITV)

Series 2 kicked off on Dec. 26, 2020 and starred 12 celebrities, including singers Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Mel B but also comedian Lenny Henry, football manager Glenn Hoddle and TV presenter Sue Perkins. 

The judging panel saw the return of Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross with comedian and actor Mo Gilligan joining the panel as Ken Jeong couldn't travel from America due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. 

The winner of series one, Nicola Roberts, also joined the panel for the final.

Joss Stone as Sausage.

Joss Stone as Sausage.  (Image credit: ITV)

The winner of series two was singer Joss Stone who dressed as Sausage. The panel hadn't guessed Joss was hiding beneath her meaty costume and she was delighted to surprise them as the picture below shows! 

Joss had a ball dressing up and said, "Life can be too serious, we should just dress up as chips and sausage and have a sing song." Before adding, "This has been the funniest, most hilarious job I have ever had. I've laughed so much."

The singer was also heavily pregnant during the show and gave birth to her daughter, Violet, not long after filming finished. 

And the runner up was…?

Ne-Yo as Badger on The Masked Singer.

Ne-Yo as Badger. (Image credit: ITV)

American singer and song writer Ne-Yo came second, dressed as Badger. The global star belted out Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus in the final and told the shocked panel, "I've had so much fun with this. It's been a great experience."

A post shared by NE-YO (@neyo)

A photo posted by on

And in third place…

In third place was JLS singer Aston Merrygold who was disguised as Robin. The pop star didn't tell his JLS bandmates he was appearing on the show but impressed the panel with his funky dance moves as well as his singing. 

Aston Merrygold as Robin.

Aston Merrygold as Robin. (Image credit: ITV)

His final song was For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder. 

Who won series three of The Masked Singer UK?

The Masked Singer UK season 3 - Panda

Panda put on a paw-some performance! (Image credit: ITV)

The Masked Singer UK season 3 aired on January 1, 2022 and saw 12 new celebrities sing their hearts out underneath bonkers costumes — from Bagpipes to Poodle, there was a whole host of whacky attires this year.

Davina McCall, Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross and Mo Gilligan all returned to the judging panel once again with their detective skills to try and guess who could be behind the mask.

The panel were also joined by Joss Stone, who won the previous series.

TV tonight Panda sings again.

Panda's identity was revealed... (Image credit: ITV)

The winner of The Masked Singer UK season 3 was Australian singer and former Neighbours star Natalie Imbruglia, who was unmasked as Panda.

Speaking after winning the show, she revealed that she did the series for her son, who she had given birth to with the help of IVF.

She said: “I did it for my son. He loves the character I chose. I also thought it would be fun to sing with a mask on. No need to spend hours in hair and make-up.

“I liked the idea of hiding my identity and putting on an accent to throw people off the scent. I guess it’s also an acting gig.”

The Masked Singer Natalie Imbruglia as Panda

Natalie Imbruglia was unmasked as Panda. (Image credit: ITV)

And the runner up was…?

The Masked Singer UK season 3 - Mushroom

Charlotte Church as Mushroom. (Image credit: ITV)

Welsh singer Charlotte Church came in second place as Mushroom. Fans knew for weeks that Charlotte was behind the mask and judges Jonathan and Mo were also convinced that Mushroom was the singing sensation.

Charlotte, who is also an eco activist, said of her costume: "I love Mushroom to the core of my soul and I really love the role that Fungi plays on Earth. I think that it's going to be so important in how we fix a lot of the ecological problems that we're currently facing, including things such as soil degradation.

"So, to be the representative for the mushroom community felt absolutely brilliant, my heart was fit to burst!"

The Masked Singer Charlotte Church as Mushroom

Charlotte Church was behind the Mushroom mask. (Image credit: ITV)

And in third place...

Westlife star Mark Feehily came in third place dressed as Robobunny. He confessed that he lied to his Westlife bandmates about being on the show. 

He said: "I told the boys I'm just going to stay in London and chill out for a couple of days and they were like, but you've got a baby in Ireland."

Mark then revealed that he took on the singing challenge for his daughter, Layla. 

"Doing this has allowed me to explore my voice as well, but I've also spent the last two years with my baby so I've watched a lot of cartoons. This is for Layla," he added.

The Masked Singer Mark Feehily as Robobunny

Mark Feehily as Robobunny. (Image credit: ITV)

Who won series four of The Masked Singer UK?

Rhino performing on-stage

Rhino stormed all the way to the final. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

The Masked Singer UK season 4 welcomed a whole host of crazy costumes from Knitting to Ghost — and the competition’s first ever singing duo Cat and Mouse.

Comedian Lee Mack was a guest judge in the final, along with regular panellists Rita Ora, Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan and Jonathan Ross.

Many fans cried over the emotional final as Rhino was crowned The Masked Singer UK champion.

Rhino performing on-stage

Who was behind Rhino's mask? (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Rhino won The Masked Singer UK season 4 and was unmasked as Busted singer Charlie Simpson.

After his unmasking, Charlie said: "I was terrified the entire time. The thing I was scared most of was remembering lyrics. I often forget lyrics to my own songs on stage, so the last version of 'Try' I did, was the only time I didn't really think about it and I tried to enjoy it."

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And the runner up was...?

Phoenix performing on stage as he raises his wings

Phoenix soared in the final. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Phoenix came in second place and he was revealed to be Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson.

Judge Rita Ora was especially stunned by the reveal since she failed to rumble the identity of her The Voice UK co-star

He said in an interview: "The nerves were some of the most intense I’ve had in years. I just really didn’t want to let Phoenix down."

And in third place...

Fawn performing on stage with sunflowers behind her and a crying hedgehog

The judges didn't have a hoof who was under Fawn's mask. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

All Saints singer Natalie Appleton finished in third place and was dressed as Fawn. 

Natalie said after her reveal: “I loved fooling you guys, it was such a buzz. I had the best time, it’s been amazing. I do recommend.”

She also added that she enjoyed Mo Gilligan thinking that she was Country singing sensation Shania Twain throughout the competition.

Who won The Masked Singer: I'm A Celebrity special 2023?

Huntsman, Wombat, Bearded Dragon and Dunny.

The Masked Singer: I'm A Celebrity Special 2023 was a unique spin-off. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

The Masked Singer: I'm A Celebrity Special 2023 was a special one-off show that celebrated two iconic ITV programs, featuring brand-new costumes and guests.

The judging panel attempted to guess which former campmates could be masquerading in bonkers costumes that included a huntsman, wombat, dunny, and bearded dragon.

Dunny in The Masked Singer: I'm A Celebrity Special

Dunny in The Masked Singer: I'm A Celebrity Special 2023. (Image credit: ITV)

Dunny won The Masked Singer: I'm A Celebrity 2023 and was unmasked as comedian Joe Pasquale, who was crowned King of the Jungle almost 20 years ago.

Joe Pasquale unmasked as Dunny in The Masked Singer: I'm A Celebrity special.

Joe Pasquale was unmasked as Dunny. (Image credit: ITV)

And the runner up was...?

Bearded Dragon in the Masked Singer's I'm A Celebrity special

Bearded Dragon came second. (Image credit: ITV)

Bearded Dragon was revealed to be the one and only Myleene Klass. The former Hear-Say singer also came runner-up in I'm A Celebrity in 2006 and recently won I'm A Celebrity...South Africa.

Myleene Klass unmasked as Bearded Dragon.

Myleene Klass was in disguise as Bearded Dragon. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

And in third place...

The Wombat costume in the new Masked Singer series

Wombat finished in third place. (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street favourite Andy Whyment came third as Wombat. He appeared in I'm A Celebrity 2019 and finished second.

Andy Whyment unmasked as Wombat.

Any Whyment was Wombat. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Who won The Masked Singer UK Christmas special 2023?

The first-ever festive special of the show was The Masked Singer UK Christmas special 2023 with four seasonal characters, Decorations, Reindeer, Sprout and Partridge (In A Pear Tree) all attempting to fool the panel and viewers at home. 

The winner was Partridge with the panel guessing everyone from Jamie Oliver to Alan Titchmarsh, but eventually the celebrity under the mask was revealed to be none other than Ainsley Harriott! 

Partridge (In a Pear Treet) on stage during the Masked Singer UK Christmas Special 2023

Ainsley Harriott was unmasked as Partridge.  (Image credit: Bandicoot TV/ITV)

And the runner up was...?

The runner-up in the Christmas special for 2023 was Countdown icon Carol Vorderman who was dressed as Reindeer.

Reindeer on-stage during The Masked Singer UK Christmas Special 2023

Carol Vorderman was unmasked as Reindeer.  (Image credit: ITV/Bandicoot TV)

Who won series 5 of The Masked Singer UK?

Piranha was crowned the winner and was revealed to be McFly singer and guitarist Danny Jones.

Danny Jones as Piranha in The Masked Singer UK 2024

Danny Jones as Piranha. (Image credit: ITV)

On being crowned the champion Danny said, “I’ve had the most amazing time, I can escape behind here and just be Piranha and sing these songs.  I’ve learnt so much, I’m able to sing higher now just from being on this show. I am so happy, thank you!”  

And the runner up was...?

TV presenter and co-host of The Last Leg, Alex Brooker came second as Bigfoot. Alex said, “It was just the most fun. I love the show, my daughters love this show, they’ve got no idea. Girls, this is where daddy’s been going all the time, this is why daddy’s been singing in the car!” 

And in third place...

Cricket came in at third place and was revealed to be singing legend Lemar. On taking part in the show, Lemar said, “I thought it was going to be fun but it's been more fun than I could have imagined. I’m a fan of the show. Just getting to express yourself on different songs that people maybe wouldn't expect, that’s been a lot of fun.”  

Cricket performing on stage with bees. Cricket is doing a heart shape with his hands to the crowd.

Lemar as Cricket.  (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)
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