Who is Knitting on The Masked Singer UK?

Knitting costume for The Masked Singer UK
Who might Knitting be? (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV )

Who is Knitting on The Masked Singer UK? We want to know!

The Masked Singer UK season 4 is here, bringing with it a whole host of crazy new characters. Knitting could well be one of the most outrageous costumes of the 12 we have this season, but will they make it through to the final, or will they unravel before the end?

Here's what we know about Knitting so far, and our best guesses at some of the celebrities who could be wearing the mask.

Who is Knitting on The Masked Singer UK? Songs

In week one Knitting sang an amazing version of Becky Hill's 'Better Off Without You'.

Knitting performed 'No More Tears (Enough is Enough)' by Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand in week three.

Who is Knitting on The Masked Singer UK? Show clues

The first episode saw fans convinced that Knitting is Claire Richards, better known as Claire from Steps, a theory which was supported by Claire's bandmate Ian 'H' Watkins who took to social media to share his reaction to hearing the powerful voice of Knitting - now if anyone knows Claire, even hidden under a  costume, it is H! 

The theory that Claire is hiding under the giant ball of wool was also supported by the clues in episode one... not only is Claire a fan of crafts, but there was a magpie in the VT, which fans think could represent the Steps number two single 'One For Sorrow'. 

Joel's final clue for the panel in episode one was a 'riddle me this' clue, which Knitting read out saying: "Knitting is easy, it's the crossing of sticks. Count all of your stitches, there should be 26." Fans are convinced this is a nod towards the Steps hit song 5,6,7,8, which if you add together makes 26.

The panel, however, didn't guess Claire, instead, they think the celebrity in the costume could be Jane Horrocks, AJ Odudu or Samantha Barks. 

In the third week, Knitting hinted that they were kind and generous and that they learnt their skill by watching and copying. 

"I've never been trained in something I'm very well known for," Knitting said along with a shot of heart shaped biscuits with one broken in half. After, we saw balls of wool with the numbers one to five next to them, however, number four was missing and had been replaced with another number five.

During their performance, the dancers had buttons on their heads — could this be a clue to their identity? Jonathan Ross reckoned this could be a clue that Emma Bunton could be behind the mask, while the other suggested Jodie Whittaker, Kym Marsh and Jamelia.

For Knitting's Clue or False game, their clues were: "I was bummed out back in the day but then everything came up Rosie" and "Time travel is blinking brilliant isn't it?" People believed that clue number one was true. Who do you think could be behind the mask?

Who is Knitting on The Masked Singer UK? Verbal clues

The very first clue we had was "leaving the competition in knots — it's Knitting!" and together with the costume many fans though this could point to Tom Daley who has been very vocal about his love of knitting and crocheting. 

Who is Knitting on The Masked Singer UK? Costume clues

There are plenty of celebs who have shared their passion for knitting for example, Tom Daley taught Lorraine Kelly how to knit in 2021 and Lorraine seems to have kept up her hobby as she's shared some of her own creations online. (opens in new tab) 

However, The Masked Singer UK's clues are often more cryptic than they first appear, so there's every chance there's something less important than the knitting needles and wool would suggest. Hopefully, some more clues later in the series will help us get closer to the truth! 

We will expect to see more costume clues when Knitting performs again, so be sure to check back here after their performances to see if there's anything else we can use to crack their identity.

The Masked Singer UK season 4 airs on Saturday evenings at 7 pm on ITV and ITVX. 

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