Who is Otter on The Masked Singer UK?

Otter costume for The Masked Singer UK
Who was Otter? (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV)

Who is Otter on The Masked Singer UK? Otter was unmasked during the double elimination alongside Knitting on The Masked Singer UK season 4 — but did you guess who was under the otter-ly cute costume?

Once again The Masked Singer is back on our screens, meaning there are a whole host of crazy characters entertaining us each Saturday night.

Here's what we know about Otter including which celebrity was hiding under the costume...

Who is Otter on The Masked Singer UK?

Otter was unmasked as comedy actress Daisy May Cooper, who fans managed to work out earlier in the series thanks to a clue they thought related to Doc Martin.

Talking about why she signed up for the show, she said: "To surprise my daughter Pip, but when she found out I was going to be the Otter she cried and said that it was embarrassing."

Who is Otter on The Masked Singer UK? Songs

Otter dove right in with a rendition of the Baywatch theme song, 'I'm Always There' in week one.

Otter sang 'Reflection' from Mulan in week three.

In week five, Otter performed '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton as her clue song.

Otter sang 'Cheerleader' by OMI in week six.

Who is Otter in The Masked Singer UK? Show clues

There were plenty of intriguing clues to pay attention to in Otter's first video clue package. Interesting things to note included the warning sign at the water park spelling out the initials RADA, for the acting school, a shamrock on a lifesaving ring in plain view, the character appearing alongside a vicar and their admission that we're normally used to seeing the celeb inside in more serious roles.

Some of the popular guesses online included Emma Thompson and Penny Mordaunt. Also, there was a very popular theory that the singer could be Kate Bush as they thought Otter's voice was a very good match for hers!

As for Otter's riddle, it didn't give too much away: "Children, some say, should be seen and not heard, but of this otter, I'd say the opposite is the word." Perhaps it's someone who's been out of the limelight for a while?

In week three, Otter's clue package saw them pull out a number of props from a lost property locker, including a witch's hat, a witch's nose and a broom. 

"You might remember me from something a little bit medical sounding," was another clue given by Otter. Fans think that this clue could relate to Doc Martin and believed that Otter could be Daisy May Cooper as she had a role in the medical drama during her early acting career.

Other clues included a policeman's hat and a receipt with Kim K on. Otter also teased: "There's an emotion that I'm good at getting out of people, even when I don't intend to and that can happen on any day of the week." Could Otter be a comedian?

For their Clue or False, Otter's two clues were: "Let's hit that red button and do the time warp" and "My past record might say I've been butterfingered around chocolate." The audience were convinced that clue number one was true.

Otter performing on stage

Otter had the judges otter-ly confused! (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Otter grabbed the microphone again for week five and she kicked off her clue package with: "Something about me isn't real. It really isn't, really."

We were then shown a scarecrow standing in a swimming pool, while Otter added: "Although people have been known to have a really hard time realising it's not real, for reals." Could they have a reality show of some kind?

Otter then walked past a BAFTA Award, leaving the judges convinced that she'd won a BAFTA. 

Her clue song was '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton and her performance saw her dancing with sponges and a hamster with underpants on! The panel guessed a range of female actors from Catherine Tate to Zoe Wanamaker.

Who is Otter on The Masked Singer UK? Verbal clues

The verbal clue we had about Otter before the show started was: "Ready to blow us all out the water - it's Otter!" 

Being "ready to blow us out of the water", we thought that this masked star had to be involved with the water in some fashion. This made us think that the mystery celeb in the costume could have been a successful swimmer like two-time Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington. But, after Otter's unmasking, it turns out that our guess was wrong entirely!

Who is Otter on The Masked Singer UK? Costume clues

Initially, the wetsuit and snorkel gave us an even stronger impression that this particular celebrity could have been found in or around the water, but following the unmasking, our guesses were wrong this time.

The Masked Singer UK season 4 continues Saturdays at 7 pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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