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Who is Mushroom in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Clues, theories...

The Masked Singer UK Mushroom costume
Who could Mushroom be on 'The Masked Singer' UK? (Image credit: ITV)

As The Masked Singer UK season 3 continues, there’s one incredibly wild costume that has us guessing what fun-guy (or fun-girl judging by the singing) could be hiding underneath!

With their leafy green exterior and mushrooms protruding across their body, will Mushroom’s performance be able to sprout interest from the viewers?

Who is Mushroom in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Songs...

Week one It's So Quiet by Bjork. Could the song be a clue in itself?!

Mushroom performed There Are Worse Things I Could Do from GREASE in week 2.

Who is Mushroom in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Verbal clues…

Mushroom’s clue is: “Hoping to go all the way and be crowned champignon, it’s Mushroom.”

Could this clue reference a chef of some kind? As well as starting his career as a greengrocer, could famous TV chef and MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace be under the mysterious mask and mushroom hat? This wouldn’t be his first taste of the singing world, as he appeared on the BBC singing competition Just the Two of Us in 2007, but he was sadly the first to be eliminated. This opportunity could be another chance — just dressed slightly differently!

But could Gregg’s MasterChef co-host John Torode be up for champignon as Mushroom? Gregg once revealed in an interview with that he was convinced that John could be one of the masked singers on last year's The Masked Singer UK and that John is always practicing his singing behind-the-scenes on MasterChef. Could the culinary expert be donning a mushroom costume instead of a chef’s jacket this time?

Or could celebrated food writer and television chef Nigella Lawson be the one to brave the stage with her singing skills? 

Celebrity MasterChef judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace

Could John Torode or Gregg Wallace be Mushroom in 'The Masked Singer' UK? (Image credit: BBC)

Who is Mushroom in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Costume clues…

Complete with colourful mushrooms, this costume looks like it could be a gardeners paradise for some. Could the nation’s favourite gardener Alan Titchmarsh be swapping a spade for a microphone and pruning his singing techniques?

Alan Titchmarsh on ITV's Spring into Summer

Will Alan Titchmarsh be picking up the microphone? (Image credit: ITV)

Who is Mushroom in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Show clues… 

Mushroom was first up to demonstrate their singing talents on The Masked Singer UK, but before they did, we were given many clues during the broadcast on who could be beneath the costume.

The judges were quick to point out Mushroom’s northern accent as they revealed, “As a mushroom, I’m quite mellow and carefree. But I have been known to sprout in a more serious part of the forest, from time to time.” 

Mushroom went on to say, “Did you know that mushrooms help control life in the woods? They can help things decay and bring new life.” The ‘new life’ part of the clue made judge Jonathan Ross suggest that they could be a midwife or possibly someone who is on Call the Midwife. 

Mushroom continued with, “Which is just like me. I like to start new things and try new lives.” Another clue included an alarm clock set at 1:28 and Mushroom commenting, “In fact, when mushrooms pop their heads above the ground, they can take many forms. And as they grow they might want to be any number of things.” 

As Mushroom revealed this clue, they hit a tree with a gavel and gave us another teaser, saying, “I know what you’re thinking. This all sounds very serious. So I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’m actually a real “fun-gi”!”

After Mushroom put on a remarkable performance, we were given one last hint: “I just want to bring peace and love, man.” 

Week 2 show clues...

Mushroom impressed with her performance and made it through to week 2! "Last time, the panel tried to get to the root of who I am. But their guesses were criminal. They'll need to get up much earlier and dig a bit deeper if they want to catch me out," she revealed in her clue package.

"There's very few places on Earth that you won't find mushrooms." Davin McCall questioned whether Mushroom was talking about travel. Could she be right?! 

"And I've been very lucky to leave my forest and plant myself in lots of exciting places far from home," she continued, stepping out to reveal a bush with various "W" letters across the top, which Jonathan Ross said it could be the name of a town.

"I must say, it really is nice to be part of the action. And I've seen a lot of places. Honestly, I could never have imagined it all." There were numerous items shown, including milk bottles, a naan bread and a pair of chattering teeth. 

She went on to say, "But I try to take it all in my stride, as you never know when it could be cut short. Tonight, I'm putting down roots to give you a song."

Next up was two lies and a truth— but which clue is real?! The first clue up was: "It could be said that I've raised an eyebrow" and the second one was: "Something I did got everybody talking." Finally, the last clue revealed was this: "My career started out a little bit fizzy."

Who is Mushroom in ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Theories… 

The Masked Singer UK judges really did have a variety of guesses, with Jonathan Ross guessing Australian actress Rebel Wilson due to her having a law degree. However, he also made a guess at singer Liam Gallagher after the "peace and love" clue and making a joke about Mushroom's long hair.

Rita Ora speculated that it could be music sensation Sia, meanwhile Davina McCall predicted Line of Duty star Vicky McClure. Due to hearing what he thought was a Scandinavian accent during Mushroom’s performance, Mo Gilligan believed it could be environmental activist Greta Thunberg. 

There were also a bundle of varied guesses from fans on social media, with a few thinking that Mushroom could be an Irish star, as they speculated that comedian Aisling Bea could be the person under the costume.

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However, some predicted that it could be comedian Sarah Millican! 

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Week 2 theories...

The judges proceeded to make their guesses once again. First up was Rita with her guess of Rochelle Humes and Davina thought it could be Jane McDonald or Sarah Lancashire. Mo went with Kym Marsh and Jonathan said Joanna Lumley.

There were more diverse guesses from audiences at home, from Jane Horrocks to Sheridan Smith! But, many at home thought it could be Jane McDonald. Mushroom really has us all baffled!

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The new series of The Masked Singer continues on ITV — see our TV Guide for full listings.

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