Who is Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer UK?

Jacket Potato in The Masked Singer UK
Jacket Potato is hoping to be the starch of the show! (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV)

Who is Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer UK? They've put on a mashing good performance so far!

The Masked Singer UK season 4 has welcomed Jacket Potato to the stage, following in the footsteps of other foodie costumes like Sausage. But will they be able to see their way to the coveted Masked Singer final and mash the competition? 

Here's what we know about Jacket Potato so far, and our best guesses at some of the celebrities who could be wearing the mask...

Who is Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer UK? Songs

Jacket Potato sang 'Viva Las Vegas' by Elvis Presley in week two.

In the fourth week, Jacket Potato performed 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen.

Jacket Potato performed his own rendition of 'Smooth' by Carlos Santana ft. Rob Thomas as his clue song for week five.

Who is Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer UK? Show clues

Jacket Potato's first riddle was: "Hey it's me Jack, Jacket Potato. I've got quite the collection, so big you'll say 'Woah'". There's already been some speculation around what that collection could be, and some fans think it's referring to guitars.

So is it a rock legend hiding under there? Potentially, and it's looking like signs are pointing to Bon Jovi so far after the character performed a rendition of Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley.

In his VT, the character had a Romeo and Juliet book, and there is a line in the Bon Jovi song 'Always' that says: "This Romeo is bleeding", so is that a nod to the spud's real identity? Signs could point to former Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora.

In week four, Jacket Potato's clue package opened with a woman kissing his cheek. Could Jacket Potato be part of the band Kiss

"You might think jacket potatoes are tough-skinned, but me, I've always prided myself on being able to express a whole host of emotions. That could be the secret to my success," Jacket Potato said.

He also revealed that he had auditions that could have seen him take very different roles. We then saw Jacket Potato playing the piano and a stethoscope sitting on top — could he have been a doctor?

Jacket Potato also said that some "mega-famous" people have looked to him to make them look good.

To top off his performance, Jacket Potato's Clue or False clues were: "Yeah I'm Jack, Jack Potato. Rumor is, I'm a real pussycat" and "It's me Jack, Jacket Potato. Rumor is, I'm a real sell out in England." The audience thought that clue two was true, meanwhile Jonathan Ross believed that it was actually clue one that was real.

Jacket Potato performing on stage

Jacket Potato has had everyone foiled! (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

So far, fans are convinced that Jacket Potato is EastEnders star Shane Richie or Brian Conley and in week five he was back to put on another show-stopping performance.

At the start of his clue package, Mo Gilligan thought that Jacket Potato's name could be Jack due to Jacket Potato constantly mentioning the name.

We then saw a 'Fundraiser' sign with an arrow pointing at the number 50 potato, while Potato added that: "Now, we might not speak the same language, but being a potato means you can still communicate."

An 'Out of Order' sign on a hose pipe was another clue and that he knows what it's like to be the "foil."

Jacket Potato's clue song was 'Smooth' by Carlos Santana ft. Rob Thomas and his performance included sticks of 'Grade AA' salted butter in the background, while a burger and hotdog danced next to him.

There was a wider variety of guesses from the panel — from Jack Black to Matt Lucas! 

Who is Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer UK? Verbal clues

We have one verbal clue so far which is: "Their singing is sure to butter you up — it's Jacket Potato!" which certainly suggests they've got a captivating voice. But is it a professional singer, or a surprise entry?

Who is Jacket Potato on The Masked Singer UK? Costume clues

Jacket Potato's costume consists of a baked bean shirt with a tinfoil jacket and melting butter dripping down his potato head. Styrofoam containers also complete the outfit as shoes as well as sunglasses perched on his nose.

Since Jacket Potato's costume is a bit more elaborate, there's a few things we can pick up on already before they've already performed. They have a sticker on which reads "Wild Hog Dairy" so there's a chance it could be a farmer, such as Our Farm in the Dales' Matt Baker.

We originally speculated that Jacket Potato could be a female presenter but following their performance, it's very likely the star's gender is male.

We'll have to keep our eyes peeled to see what other visual clues pop up for Jacket Potato, and if their costume changes at all throughout the series which might offer up new information about the hidden celebrity.

The Masked Singer UK 2023 airs on ITV on Saturday evenings at 7 pm. 

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