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Who is Doughnuts in ‘The Masked Singer' UK? Clues, theories...

The Masked Singer UK Doughnuts costume
Who is Doughnuts in 'The Masked Singer' UK? (Image credit: ITV)

Doughnuts has put on quite a show in The Masked Singer UK season 3 and has won the hearts of the nation with his performances. 

Looking as brilliant as ever with all of his icing and sprinkled goodness, let’s take a look at who could be hiding behind the sugary façade.

Who is Doughnuts on ‘The Masked Singer UK’? Songs…

For week one, Doughnuts sang Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. Any clues there?!

In the second week, Doughnuts performed Spice Up Your Life by The Spice Girls!

Who is Doughnuts in 'The Masked Singer' UK? Verbal clues...

At the moment, we’re going to have to use our expert guessing skills as the only clue that has been given for this character is: “Doughnuts looks like a sweet treat but will they run rings around everyone who tries to figure out who they are.”

Could the running rings clue indicate a runner?! Olympic gold medallist runner Sir Mo Farah could be one of the celebrities singing a few tunes as Doughnuts. This wouldn’t be his first reality TV stint if it were to be him, as he appeared on last year’s I’m A Celebrity and was the eighth celebrity to be eliminated.

Paralympic gold medallist Kadeena Cox could also be under the spotlight as Doughnuts. She’s been storming the British TV field at the moment, with being crowned the winner of Celebrity MasterChef 2021 and taking part in this year’s I’m A Celebrity.  

Who do you think it could be?

Who is Doughnuts in 'The Masked Singer' UK? Costume clues...

If we’re guessing based off of the physical costume, which just consists of doughnuts, could the celebrity have some baking or cooking talents?

The Great British Bake Off 2012 champion John Whaite has been showing off his dance moves recently on the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom and has become one of the fan favourites. He's already proved he has the dancing abilities but does he have the singing abilities too? 

Chef Tilly Ramsay has also been one of the contestants taking to the Strictly ballroom this year and is known to show off her fun personality on social media. So, what could be more fun than dressing up as Doughnuts in The Masked Singer?

Or could the master baker Paul Hollywood himself surprise us all?!

Who is Doughnuts on ‘The Masked Singer UK’? Show clues…

Doughnuts introduced their clue package with, “Hey, hey, hey. I hope you’ve got a sweet tooth,” as he put a tray of doughnuts in the oven, which gave the judges the impression that Doughnuts could be a famous chef or someone from The Great British Bake Off. 

As the oven exploded open, Doughnuts jumped in with, “Because I’m…Doughnuts. Us doughnuts are a fast food anyway, but me? I’m extra speedy.” Both Jonathan Ross and Rita Ora agreed that Doughnuts could be a famous sports person or runner. 

“I’ve never been the glazy sort. Maybe it’s all that sugar.” Davina McCall pointed out Doughnuts’ Scouse accent. “Being quick has helped me run ice rings around the competition…and to take on the cream of the crop.” 

We then see Doughnuts munching on some crisps as he reveals, “And being one of the best, that was always one of my goals.” Rita began to think that Doughnuts could be a footballer, although as more clues were told, it hinted that Doughnuts could be involved in a different sport entirely. “In this competition, I’m going to do my best to jockey for position.” Davina had the idea of a Scouse disc jockey and questioned who it could be.

“Now, just one question- who am I, dough?” Doughnuts said, before he took to the stage. As Doughnuts sang it was clear that it was a man underneath the costume. 

“As well as being sweet, I’ve also been savoury,” was the last clue given by Doughnuts once he finished his performance.

Week 2 show clues...

Doughnuts was back to put on a show-stopping performance for week 2. "In my first performance, I scored a win against a chandelier. The panel thought they had me licked. But I think there's a big hole in their guessing," Doughnuts teased.

Davina McCall and Rita Ora were quick to point out that he could be a 90s raver when Doughnuts started dancing to The Prodigy against a multicoloured background of doughnuts.

"I'm...ready! People always ask me, what's the recipe for success?" he said. We then saw three containers, one with sprinkles with the word "Talent" across the label, a can of "Golden Boots Syrup," and a bag of "Capri-corn flour." 

"Well, I'll tell you." Rita questioned if they had something to do with Britain's Got Talent and Davina pointed out a talent show. "It takes a dash of sprinkles, a spoonful of sweetness, a light dusting of flour. Mix them all together, and I promise life is pretty sweet."

Some other major clues were Doughnuts looking through a pair of binoculars to a book of Ornithology, which Jonathan recognised as bird-watching. 

"Then you pop it in the oven, stoke that fire, and oh, boy wonder at that delicious result," which Mo began thinking was a sports person.

Doughnuts' two lies and a truth were unveiled as: "I share a name that's very close to home," "I've managed to develop a range of talents," and "something about me has been compared to royalty." Which one do you think is the real clue?

Who is Doughnuts on ‘The Masked Singer UK’? Theories…

Mo Gilligan guessed jockey Frankie Dettori (not sure about that guess!), while Davina suggested footballer Robbie Fowler. Jonathan decided to focus on the crisps clue and said Gary Lineker and Rita decided to not go for a sports person at all, guessing radio presenter Nick Grimshaw as he was also on Bake Off.

Mo later said footballer Michael Owen as his guess after hearing the final clue.

People at home agreed with Mo’s guess of Michael Owen, so it seems as though Doughnuts' identity could have already been discovered!

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Week 2 theories...

Mo stuck to his previous guess of Michael Owen, meanwhile Jonathan went for Chris Kamara. Rita guessed Chris Moyles and Davina decided on Robbie Fowler again.

Many fans at home were sure that Doughnuts is Robbie Fowler, whereas many were also certain that it's Michael Owen! Could it be one of these two?!

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The new series of The Masked Singer continues on ITV — see our TV Guide for full listings.

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