Who is Rubbish on The Masked Singer UK?

Rubbish for The Masked Singer UK
Who is Rubbish on The Masked Singer UK? Who could Rubbish be? (Image credit: ITV Plc/Bandicoot TV)

Who is Rubbish on The Masked Singer UK? He was the fourth character to be unmasked on The Masked Singer UK season 4 — but did you guess who was under the trash costume?

Once again The Masked Singer is back on our screens, meaning there are a whole host of crazy characters entertaining us each Saturday night.

Here's what we know about Rubbish including which celebrity was hiding under the costume...

Who is Rubbish on The Masked Singer UK?

Snooker legend Stephen Hendry was unmasked as Rubbish.

The Scottish seven-time snooker champion said of taking part in the show: "I thought it was so obvious because it was me. I love the show and it’s way out of my comfort zone so I thought why not let’s give it a go."

He also added in a Q&A: "I have had the opportunity to do other shows that would have put me in that same uncomfortable position, but being completely hidden made it so much easier for me to let loose and get my head around the challenge."

Joel Dommett and Stephen Hendry unmasked as Rubbish.

Stephen Hendry was revealed to be Rubbish. (Image credit: Bandicoot TV)

Who is Rubbish on The Masked Singer UK? Show clues

After Rubbish's performance, Jonathan Ross said he didn’t think it was a professional singer inside the costume and guessed former EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney could be hiding in the bin. Meanwhile, Davina guessed Anthony Costa because of the cup of coffee included in Rubbish’s costume, while Rita guessed rapper Goldie.

“I’m the one you’ve bin waiting for, and I’m here to work... clean up, that’s what I do best... I’m here to pick up litter, or as some call it, garbage,” Rubbish said. Rubbish also appeared to hint that he had been in a band but had later gone solo. Another clue came in the form of a red bin with 'No 1' written on it.

Other clues included the character talking with a cockney accent and walking past a series of colored bins. 

In week four, Jonathan thought that the triangle in Rubbish's costume was something to do with snooker balls and guessed Robbie O'Sullivan. Meanwhile, Rubbish's other clues included "youngest in your field", cars and Grand Prix.

Who is Rubbish on The Masked Singer UK? Verbal clues

The one clue we had for Rubbish before the show started was "There's no time to waste — it's Rubbish!"

Rubbish also said: "Cleaning up, that's what I do best," and "We're all solo and I'm here to do different things." His extra clue after his first performance was: "Inside of my bin is trash I'm compiling. As a person, I'm happy but you won't see me smiling."

Who is Rubbish on The Masked Singer UK? Costume clues

Rubbish was one of the tougher characters to guess but fans were convinced that the costume colors could hint at it being JLS star Marvin Humes inside. The band members each had their own colors, with Aston being blue, JB being yellow, Oritsé being red and Marvin being green... the same color as the wheelie bin. 

We originally thought the rubbish bin was a perfect match for Kim Woodburn's professional cleaning capabilities, however, after the first performance it seemed Rubbish was a male singer, so Kim went out the window! 

The Masked Singer UK 2023 airs on ITV on Saturday evenings at 7 pm. 

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