Rupert Penry-Jones — things you didn't know about the 'Spooks' star

Spooks and Whitechapel star Rupert Penry-Jones.
Rupert Penry-Jones was recently seen in The Drowning. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Rupert Penry-Jones is most well known for his work on dramas Spooks and Whitechapel. His career began in 1994 where he starred in TV movie Fatherland and film Black Beauty

And his latest Channel 5 thriller series The Drowning  was a big hit and saw Rupert starring alongside Jill Halfpenny and Noel Clarke. But did you know these facts about the actor?

1. Rupert had a 'ball' being a model

Rupert Penry-Jones took part in Paris and Milan fashion shows after being scouted when he was younger. Reflecting on his modelling career, he told The Independent: "I was not very good. But I had a ball. It wasn't like Zoolander back then. It was a bunch of lads who couldn't believe their luck, running around London going wild."

2. He once dated Kylie Minogue

Before settling down with his wife, Rupert once dated Australian superstar Kylie Minogue. And he told the Daily Mail he wasn't a big fan of her music either. He said: "I wasn't really into her music. And, once, I stupidly said to her when she played me Can't Get You Out Of My Head, 'Yeah, it's good. But I'd rather hear you do some sort of rock, acoustic thing'.

"I was in the studio when she was recording it. And she got very annoyed with me. And then — obviously — it turned into this huge hit."

Kylie Minogue

Rupert once dated pop legend Kylie Minogue. (Image credit: Getty Images)

3. His grandfather was in the Battle of Monte Cassino

Appearing on an episode of Who Do You Think You Are?, Rupert learned a lot about his ancestors. He found out that his grandfather, William, had served as a doctor in the Indian Army Medical Corps at the Battle of Monte Cassino during World War Two. His grandfather helped treat 1,500 casualties during the battle in Italy in 1944.

4. He's done a lot of theatre work

As well as acting on the screen, Rupert has starred in a number of plays. In 1995, he made his London stage debut at the Hackney Empire theatre where he played Fortinbras in Hamlet. He has also starred in Sweet Panic, The Paper Husband and Chips with Everything

5. His father was also an actor

Rupert's father, Peter Penry-Jones, was also an actor. He appeared in programmes such as The Professionals, To The Manor Born, and Midsomer Murders. Peter also had work in films such as Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and Dance of Death.

6. Rupert was linked to playing James Bond

Partly due to playing a spy in Spooks, Rupert quickly became a bookies favourite to play James Bond. For a while it looked like Rupert might follow in the footsteps of Sean Connery and co. But Peaky Blinders actor Tom Hardy and Grantchester's James Norton are the current favourites to play 007 after Daniel Craig departs.

Rupert Penry-Jones' Fact File

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the actor

How old is he?

Rupert is 50 years old. He was born on 22 September 1970.

Is he married? 

Yes, Rupert married Irish actress Dervla Kirwan in 2007.

Does he have children?

Rupert and Dervla have two children; Florence Penry-Jones and Peter Penry-Jones.

Where was he born?

He was born in London.

How tall is he?

Rupert is 6ft 1 inches tall.

Twitter: @rpenryj

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