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Where is Netflix's Blown Away filmed?

Minhi England in Blown Away
Where is Netflix’s Blown Away filmed? We have the answers! (Image credit: Netflix/David Leyes)

Blown Away season 3 has had viewers blown away as ten new glassblowers go head-to-head to create showstopping glass art in order to win a life-changing prize of $60,000, as well as an installation at the distinguished Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

The glassblowers go through a series of challenges in a huge studio space lovingly dubbed “North America’s Largest Hot Shop,” complete with furnaces and everything a glass artist could hope for.

But where is North America’s Largest Hot Shop? Read below to find out where Blown Away season 3 was filmed…

Where is Netflix's Blown Away filmed?

John Sharvin in Blown Away

The contestants went out of their creativity comfort zone. (Image credit: David Leyes/Netflix)

Similarly to seasons 1 and 2, Blown Away season 3 was filmed in the city of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, which is located an hour’s drive away from Toronto.

This was where an empty warehouse, which is apparently located on Imperial Street, near Sherman Avenue was transformed into “North America’s Largest Hot Shop.”

It was here that the glassblowers pushed their creative limits to make exceptional and unique glass art throughout the 10 challenges.

Who are the judges of Blown Away?

Host Nick Uhas and judge Katherine Gray

Host Nick Uhas and Glass Master Katherine Gray. (Image credit: David Leyes/Netflix)

Not only do the contestants have to face the heat of the furnaces as they create their glass sculptures, but also the heat of the judges.

Glass artist extraordinaire Katherine Gray returned to the series as Resident Evlautor and the glassblowers worked hard to earn her praise.

She became a glass artist and university professor after she attended the Ontario College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design.

They’ll also have to impress other high profile guest judges, including Blown Away season 1 winner Deborah Czeresko, Chris Clarke, the director of operations at the Pittsburgh Glass Center and Dr. Marianne Mader, a space scientist who has worked for NASA and the Canadian Space Agency. Good luck to them!

Nick Uhas, who was a part of Big Brother 15, also resumed his hosting duties for the new series.

Blown Away seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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