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Does CuriosityStream have a kids mode?

Best answer: Yes! CuriousityStream has an account-wide change that excludes content that is inappropriate for children.

Not for the faint of heart

Some children naturally have an insatiable desire to learn and satisfy their curiosity. So, a platform flush with fantastic documentaries and non-fiction series, such as CuriosityStream is a great place to go. Unfortunately, historical and many other factual viewings can be harsh and downright scary for a kid.

Luckily, Kids Mode from CuriositySteam comes in handy for keeping all the programming under control. With programming like Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin, Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown, and Innovation Nation, your child will be able to quiz you all day about all the cool things they've learned.

Flip the switch

It's time to help your little one explore and maybe filter out some of the visually explicit violence of a historical recreation for yourself. Either way, it's a pretty straight forward process to switch on Kids Mode.

  1. Log into your account for CuriosityStream .
  2. Select Your Account .
  3. Once on your account page, find the settings section.
  4. Now select Turn Kids Mode On .
  5. You'll be prompted to enter your password for confirmation.
  6. To turn off Kids Mode, follow steps 1-3 and select Turn Kids Mod Off . Your account password will be required to shut off Kids Mode.

It's worth noting that if you do turn on Kids Mode that this will be an account-wide change. Not only will the device that you enable the mode on be affected, but so will any other device watch from so long as you are logged into your account. While the Kids Mode is on, you won't be able to find content geared towards adults.

Be aware

The Kids Mode on CuriosityStream assists in shielding your child's eyes from inappropriate content. However, with such a broad catalog, 2400+ shows and growing, with a wide variety of subjects, it can be a difficult task. In the end, it is a good idea to examine the videos your child might want to watch. Before putting on any show, check that the content is appropriate via your standards. CuriosityStream also states this point as well on their site in regards to the Kids Mode. (opens in new tab)

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