Detour | A vengeful law student has fateful choices to make in this neo-noir Sliding Doors

Detour Tye Sheridan
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Detour Tye Sheridan

Fateful choices.

Callow law student Harper (Tye Sheridan, The Tree of Life, Mud) wants his stepfather to pay for the accident that put his mother in a coma. But after drunkenly spilling his thoughts in a bar, he winds up taking a perilous road trip to Las Vegas, at the mercy of tattooed grifter Johnny Ray (Emory Cohen, The Place Beyond the Pines) and his stripper girlfriend Cherry (Bel Powley, A Royal Night Out, The Diary of a Teenage Girl). Throw in a leery cop (Gbenga Akinnagbe) and a lairy drug dealer (John Lynch), and Harper’s prospects look pretty bleak. But what if he doesn’t take the trip?

Detour Bel Powley

Playing tricks with split screens and narrative time as options open up and diverge for its beleaguered protagonist, this cunning thriller appears to be setting itself up as a neo-noir version of Sliding Doors. As it happens, things turn out to be even more slippery. When all is revealed, you may conclude that British writer-director Christopher Smith has been too clever by half, but his film Detour has style to burn and the young leads are terrific.

Certificate 15. Runtime 97 mins. Director Christopher Smith

Detour debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 5 December. Available on DVD & Digital from Bulldog Films.

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