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Fathers and Daughters | Amanda Seyfried wrestles with daddy issues - and a soapy script

Fathers and Daughters Amanda Seyfried

Fathers and Daughters Amanda Seyfried

A starry cast headed by Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul drowns in soapy suds in ridiculous tearjerker Fathers and Daughters.  In 1989 widowed author Crowe struggles to bring up his adorable five-year-old daughter Katie (Kylie Rogers) while battling trauma-induced seizures and fighting a custody battle with his ‘richer-than-God’ in-laws. In 2014 the grown-up, thoroughly messed-up, bed-hopping Katie (Seyfried) wrestles with her daddy issues and struggles to commit to her sensitive new boyfriend (Paul). Director Gabriele Muccino gives his film a glossy sheen, but not a single line rings true, even when delivered by the likes of co-stars Jane Fonda, Diane Kruger and Octavia Spencer.

Certificate 15. Runtime 116 mins. Director Gabriele Muccino

Fathers and Daughters debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Sunday 19 February and is available on Blu-ray & DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.