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Inside | Horror thriller puts Rachel Nichols' pregnant widow under siege

Inside Rachel Nichols
(Image credit: Embankment Films)

Inside Rachel Nichols

Some women would kill for a baby.

Left partially deaf by a car crash that claimed her husband’s life, a heavily pregnant woman (Rachel Nichols) finds herself violently beset in her home by a mysterious stranger (Laura Harring) with designs on her unborn child.

A remake of the 2007 French shocker À l’intérieur, home-invasion horror thriller Inside can’t match the grisly terror served up by its predecessor, not least because Harring’s chilly antagonist lacks the deranged fury of original co-star Beatrice Dalle.

And, if the combination of vulnerable heroine and shadowy intruder gets you jumping and squirming on cue, the many plot holes and character stupidities will probably leave you yelling at the screen as well.

Director Miguel Ángel Vivas

Inside is showing on Sky Cinema Premiere.