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Lowriders | A Latino graffiti artist goes cruising for a bruising in East LA

Lowriders Theo Rossi Gabriel Chavarria
(Image credit: © 2016 Universal Studios. All)

‘People don’t like the American Dream to look different.’

This LA-set drama offers a fascinating glimpse of the city’s lowrider culture – that Mexican-American tradition of cruising the streets in customised cars that bounce up and down on hydraulics and sport flamboyant murals. Unfortunately, the film’s clichéd, melodramatic plot – in which a scrappy young graffiti artist (Gabriel Chavarria) finds himself torn between his volatile ex-con brother (Theo Rossi) and their recovering alcoholic father (Demián Bechir) – is not nearly so interesting. Still, there are some good performances – notably by Bechir and by Eva Longoria as the hero’s sympathetic stepmother – and some telling insights into Chicano pride and identity.

Certificate 12. Runtime 96 mins. Director Ricardo de Montreuil

Lowriders debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 8 January. Available on DVD & Digital from Universal Pictures.