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Rock the Kasbah | Film review - Bill Murray's Afghan comedy runs into the sand: The Sharif don't like it

Rock the Kasbah Bill Murray
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Rock the Kasbah Bill Murray

Stranded in Afghanistan after a tour to entertain US troops runs into the sand, Bill Murray’s washed-up LA talent agent ends up trying to get the beautiful teenage daughter of a Pashtun warlord on to local TV show Afghan Star (Afghanistan’s version of Pop Idol). Very loosely inspired by the true story of Setar Hussainzada, the first woman to perform on Afghan Star, cack-handed, culturally insensitive comedy Rock the Kasbah is an almost total misfire. The fish-out-of water gags fall flat, the satire is limp and Murray’s usual grouchy charm fails to spark, while co-stars Bruce Willis (a mercenary anxious to flog his memoirs) and Kate Hudson (a hooker with a heart of gold) are completely wasted.


Certificate 15. Runtime 102 mins. Director Barry Levinson

Rock the Kasbah debuts today on Sky Cinema Premiere at 12.25pm and is available on DVD from  Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.