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Where’s the Money | Frat-house comedy starring Vine personality King Bach

Where's The Money Andrew Bachelor
(Image credit: © 2017 WTM DISTRIBUTION LLC. ©)

Where's the Money King Bach

(Image credit: © 2017 WTM DISTRIBUTION LLC. ©)

Frat-house comedy.

A canny African-American idler from South Central Los Angeles attempts to infiltrate an all-white university fraternity in the dippy comedy Where's the Money. What on earth is he up to? Turns out his ruse is a bid to retrieve a stash of stolen money hidden in the frat house long before by his bank-robbing father and uncle. Naturally, the scam doesn't go according to plan.

Internet star Andrew Bachelor, aka Vine personality King Bach, throws himself into the culture-clash comedy that ensues. But the results are distinctly humdrum. Indeed, it's the hopelessly apologetic frat boys - led by Josh Brener's polite preppie - who actually prove much funnier than the film's nominal star as they tie themselves in excruciating knots of white guilt.

Certificate 15. Runtime 86 mins. Director Scott Zabielski

Where's the Money available on DVD & Digital from Lionsgate.