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Android TV is getting full-screen 'cinematic teasers' on the home screen

Android TV cinematic teasers
Android TV is getting cinematic teasers, recommended by your favorite streaming services as well as companies that want to sponsor a placement. (Image credit: Google)

Google today announced an update to its Android TV operating system that should make it a little easier (and definitely more fun) to find something to watch. 

Android TV will now allow for cinematic teasers on the home screen, sort of in the same vein as what you can find on Apple TV or inside the Netflix app. 

What you see will be determined by "Google Play's entertainment experts," or "sponsored by media partners." In other words, it's a new revenue stream for Google, and a way for studios and streaming services to get in front of your eyeballs.

Google says you'll also be able to add your own suggestions for your favorite streaming services by linking them to your Google account.

Google also is making it easier to sign up for new services with a "Subscribe and install" feature. You click a couple times, and Google fills in the rest. It's starting this as a trial in the United States with the STARZ app, DC Universe, and EPIX Now. 

No word on when, exactly, these new features will drop for your specific Android TV device, so stay tuned.

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