Anthony Head: 'I have high hopes for a Buffy spin-off'

Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Anthony Head has revealed that he still has high hopes for spin-off about his character Rupert Giles will take shape.

Anthony, who played 'watcher' Rupert Giles in the cult series for seven years, said he would jump at the chance to reprise the role in the BBC film, Ripper.

The actor said the sticking point was that Buffy creator Joss Whedon was a little too busy to go ahead with the project because he's got his hands full working on The Avengers movie series. 

Anthony Head and Joss Whedon

Anthony Head and Joss Whedon (Ian West/PA)

“He’s a bit busy, he’s always a bit busy," said Anthony.

Joss revealed back in 2007 he had been in talks with the BBC about making Ripper into a 90-minute TV film which would explore what became of Giles after we last saw him in 2003.

“He still has the story which was going to be the pilot, which he pitched to me all those years ago. It’s a wonderful story and I’d love to do it with him as a stand alone, and I’ve still never seen anything like it. It’s a great idea. So maybe…”

Anthony, 61, revealed the potential return of Giles during an interview for new series of SyFy's Dominion in which he plays villain David Whele.

Although it's made in the US, Anthony insisted the UK still made great drama, just not enough.

“One of the most talked about shows last year was Wolf Hall, which was the most beautiful drama, and it’s not alone," said Anthony. "Unfortunately you just want to see more, but there’s only so much time and only so much money.”

Anthony Head with daughters Daisy and Emily

Anthony Head with daughters Daisy and Emily (Jonathan Short/Invision)

And he admitted he’d love to work more with his daughters Emily, star of The Inbetweeners, and Daisy, who recently appeared in BBC drama The Syndicate as feisty aspiring model Amy.

Asked if he’d like to do a show with them, Anthony said: “I’d love to. Both the girls are wonderfully talented and wonderfully different so I love watching them.”


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