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Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson: 'Joyce goes barmy with Botox!'

(Image credit: ITV)

Sherrie Hewson has the skin on her face pulled back very tightly for some hilarious scenes in Benidorm's Blow & Go beauty salon this Friday (January 16, 9pm, ITV). It happens when her character Joyce Temple-Savage forces the Solana Hotel's hapless beauty team into giving her a Botox session but of course it goes disastrously wrong...

"Kenneth and Liam cause her to have this terrible problem with Botox and she goes a bit barmy with it!," explained former Corrie star Sherrie when What's On TV spoke to her on the Spanish set last summer.

"I have some amazingly funny scenes. Mateo has Botox as well and I think Jake Canuso, who plays Mateo, quite liked it.

"Our faces were pulled and pulled back. We had these little clips on our necks that were pulled and tied at the back. Hollywood actresses use this technique a lot apparently, because it's like having an instant facelift. We had prosthetics, too. I looked like Joan Rivers.

"We both got quite used to it and didn't want to take off our new faces, although it did hurt when your skin's pulled right back. The things we do for comedy!"

Benidorm screens on Friday at 9pm on ITV