Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and their most bodacious lingo

Couch Potato Pickings

On ITV2 tonight at 8pm this movie’s non-egregious sequel (Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey) and used it totally all the time. So, I expect you're now wondering, did I use it to communicate back?

No way!

However, if I were forced to choose between two versions of the phrase "this is bad" -  Bill and Ted's "this is non-non-heinous" and contemporary youth's "this is like... so gay,"  would I select the former?

Yes way!

You see, I totally love the atypical nuances of contemporary youth patter... NOT!!!

Check out the plot of tonight's most bodacious cinematic masterpiece:

Two dudes have the most excellent adventure as they travel through time to learn about history in preparation for an exam.

If you totally appreciate this non-non-non egregious way of speaking, then check out this most excellent link.

Catch you later!