Aidan Turner — things you didn't know about the TV star

Aidan Turner at the National Television Awards
Aidan Turner is best known for his role in Poldark. (Image credit: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Aidan Turner became a household name playing the dreamy Ross Poldark in the smash hit historical drama series Poldark

The Irish actor has since built up a hefty acting CV with his roles in Desperate Romantics, Being Human, The Hobbit, Leonardo and most recently fronting ITV drama The Suspect.

From being in the running to play the next James Bond to being a dancing sensation here's everything you need to know about Aidan Turner...

He was a competitive dancer before he became an actor

At the age of six, Aidan took up Ballroom and Latin American dancing and represented Ireland for ten years — where he even came third in the All-Ireland National Dance Championships. 

However, we won't be seeing him show off his moves on the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom anytime soon as he told the Radio Times: "I hate it. God, I hate watching it now, I can't stand it really."

"I don't know if I'm eligible because I used to compete at an amateur level. I think you need to be, like, a raw beginner. They haven't asked me, no. And just for the record, I wouldn't do it." Sob!

The Strictly Come Dancing 2022 logo

Don't expect to see Aidan Turner on the Strictly ballroom! (Image credit: BBC)

He worked as an electrician

Before getting into the acting world, Aidan briefly worked as an apprentice electrician with his father after leaving school. 

He became interested in acting while he was working at a cinema and applied for  Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin — where the likes of Colin Farrell, Olivia Wilde and Charlotte Murphy also attended.

After graduating, he starred in a number of theatre productions including The Plough and the Stars, Romeo and Juliet, and A Cry from Heaven.

He once broke his hand while filming Poldark

It's not all smooth sailing in the idyllic backdrop of Cornwall as Aidan revealed that he broke his hand while filming a scene firing muskets for the third series of Poldark.

"I did break my hand because of the musket," he told Digital Spy. "In one of the scenes we are busting into a prison and Harry Richardson, who plays Demelza's brother Drake Carne, was pulling back his rifle and the cock of the rifle caught my little finger on my left hand and pulled it right back."

But like a trouper, he carried on and completed the scene!

He added: "I knew something was wrong straight away but I had to finish the scene. The next 30 seconds, it felt like jelly."

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark.

Ouch! Aidan suffered a brutal injury while filming Poldark. (Image credit: BBC)

He's could be in the running to be the next James Bond

Aidan seems to be one of the celebrities in the running to take on the iconic role of James Bond.

Talking to What To Watch about the rumors he said: "Genuinely, I’ve never been called up about it, it’s something the newspapers have ramped up. I get pals taking screenshots of Paddy Power saying , ‘Look, you’re in the top five favourites’. Maybe some of the other actors on those lists have been approached.  

"I’m very happy with the way my career is going right now, I can walk into places, beard or no beard and it’s no big deal. Bond is a super-high profile role, it changes things forever but if I did get called up about it it would be an interesting phone call that’s for sure!"

Could he be swapping his beloved Seamus for a high-speed sports car?

Aidan Turner poses for photos at Wimbledon 2019.

Could we be seeing Aidan in a tuxedo anytime soon? (Image credit: Karwai Tang/ Getty)

He doesn't get on with his Poldark co-star Garrick the dog

Although Aidan is a dog-lover, he has confessed that he doesn't have the warmest relationship with his canine co-star Garrick the dog, whose real name is Barley.

He told Heat magazine: "I hate that dog. I've never disliked an animal in my life, but I just don't like that dog. You can't pet him - he just bites you. He's looking for a treat the whole time. Zero love from me. He's just a working dog, you know, so you don't get affection. He just works more than me so I'm probably jealous."

He has his own LEGO character

The Hobbit star has a LEGO character dedicated to his much-loved role of dwarf Kili in the blockbuster trilogy.

He said to the Independent Ireland: "It's weird, Hobbit Lego figures have just come out and we were given one of them. It's pretty surreal.”

Aidan Turner's fact file

Frequently asked questions about the actor...

How old is Aidan Turner?

He is 39, he was born on 19th June 1983

Is Aidan Turner married?

Aidan Turner is married to actress Caitlin Fitzgerald.

Does Aidan Turner have any children?

Aidan Turner and his wife have one child together. 

Where is Aidan Turner from?

Aidan Turner was born in Clondalkin, Ireland.

How tall is Aidan Turner?

Aidan Turner is 6 foot.

Twitter: @AidanTurner

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