Blu-ray review | Tenebrae (1982) | Dario Argento's visceral slasher gets a shiny new remastered release

Tenebrae SteelBook cover

After his shockfest masterpieces Suspiria and Inferno in 1977 and 1980, Dario Argento returned to his beloved giallo genre for 1982's Tenebrae, a disturbing psychosexual murder mystery about the horrors of unexplained violence.

THE STORY On a book signing tour in Rome, famed crime novelist Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) learns a razor-wielding psychopath is turning the fictional homicides in his latest chiller into sadistic, blood-drenched reality. But while helping the police, Neal and his closest associates soon find themselves next for the maniac's slashing blade…


Argento is in top form here, giving fans all those trademark stylistic touches that he is famous for: the black-gloved assassin (using his own arm à la Hitchcock); the outsider trapped in a foreign city; flashback clues; inspired set-pieces - all combined with Luciano Tovoli’s dazzling, purposely clinical, cinematography, and an electrifying score from three members of Goblin.

THE ARROW LIMITED EDITION STEELBOOK For their UK SteelBook edition, Arrow Video presents a brand new edition of Tenebrae, remastered from original print materials by Wild Side Films in France. The extras are the same that appeared on their 2011 Blu-ray release, with the inclusion of an informative analysis of the film from Maitland McDonagh (which contains spoilers, so be warned).

Released 16 December in the UK from Arrow Video