Bull star Robert Lindsay explains why funny scripts don't always make funny TV (VIDEO)

My Family star Robert Lindsay is back making funny in the new GOLD sitcom Bull, a deliberately broad, retro sitcom made by Matt Lucas's production company.

Robert plays Rupert Bull, a man who unsurprisingly is not well-suited to life as the owner of a antiques shop filled with priceless china. Comic actress Maureen Lipman plays Bull's chain-smoking sister, who makes his life hell at every turn and the three-part series features a cameo from Matt himself.

But Robert explained to What's on TV that it was only when he took a risk and plunged into Bull that it worked as a comedy.

"It's that amazing thing when you open a script and it genuinely makes you laugh," he said, "and then comes the reality of trying to make it funny, which is always really difficult because there's no studio audience which you couldn't with a show like Bull because it's so physical... so it's really difficult to pitch. Many, many years ago a well-known film director said to me 'Robert, when you get a script the first day you make a big decision whether you jump off a cliff or whether you stay on the cliff' and it's stayed with me for many, many years."

He continued: "I realised there was a point when I standing on the edge, not quite sure what I was doing. And then came a point when Matt came in and Kevin Eldon came in, who has a cameo role in one of the episodes, because they'd been working at it at home they were so clear about what they wanted to do, that's when I jumped and I was like 'Wow!'"

Bull premieres on Wednesday, October 21 on GOLD. Watch the interview with Robert Lindsay, above. "]

Sean Marland

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