BURIED ALIVE? Hollyoaks favourite reveals BIZARRE FUNERAL and special song!

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Watch a sneak peak of Maxine Minniver's funeral in Hollyoaks as Nikki Sanderson, who plays her, reveals the bizarre arrangement and the song that Liberty performs!

Thinking that his new wife Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) doesn’t have long left to live, Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) organises a special ‘living funeral’ for his beloved new wife in Hollyoaks.

In a bizarre break with tradition, viewers will see Maxine’s nearest and dearest gather next Thursday (Aug 22) to celebrate her life and pay tribute to the mum while she is STILL ALIVE.

Friends and family have been hoodwinked into believing that Max has an inoperable brain tumour and is at death's door, however, as Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) knows, the truth is that Maxine has been deceiving everyone and actually has a syndrome called Munchausen's which means she can't stop feigning serious illness.

Maxine Minniver

Maxine Minniver goes to her own funeral

Sienna Blake

Liberty (left) has written a special song for Maxine's funeral

As loved ones gather for the funeral, Liberty has created a unique song for Maxine which she can't wait to peform! Although we're not sure how much Maxine will like it!

Liberty’s latest song which she sings for Maxine at the living funeral is available here: EXCLUSIVE CLIP

Here Nikki Sanderson, who plays Maxine, tells us what else is in store on the day which ends with a SHOCKING twist....

How does Maxine feel when Damon suggests the living funeral?

Maxine is thrilled with this because it’s another event where Maxine can be the centre of attention. She can command a day that’s all about her and can be told how wonderful and amazing she has been in people’s lives. The living funeral is just another excuse to get dressed up and feel like a million dollars, even though she’s supposed to be dying.

Maxine Minniver goes to her own funeral

Is Maxine worried about Sienna knowing about her Munchausen’s?

Definitely because at any point Sienna could tell people and land Maxine in very deep trouble!

How would Maxine react if she discovered that Damon was using the crowd-funded money for the funeral?

Mainly scared for Damon, because it's fraud and it's illegal. On the other hand, Maxine is very much enjoying the spoils of that money with her wedding, her honeymoon, her jewellery and all of these wonderful things that Damon is doing for her.

Maxine breaks down to Sienna this week, is it hard for her to admit to the truth?

It’s definitely hard for Maxine to tell the truth because she does feel guilty about it. She knows that what she’s doing is wrong and she knows that what she’s doing is causing a lot of pain and hurt for people around her. It’s this compulsive thing within her and within her mind that’s forcing her and manipulating her to do so.  She can’t stop doing what she’s doing.

Maxine Minniver

Maxine with husband Damon and Sienna

A number of people make speeches for Maxine. can you explain why Darren and Nancy do?

Darren and Maxine were boyfriend and girlfriend in the past. They have had a long running history together within the show and Darren was one of the first people that Maxine bumped in to in the village when she first arrived. Nancy has been one of Maxine’s best friends ever since she arrived too.

Tells us more about the song that Liberty performs...

Well as everybody knows, Liberty’s songs can come across with the greatest intentions of warmth and love and they come from a fantastic place, but sometimes the lyrics to the songs don’t necessarily correlate with Liberty’s meaning behind it. She means it from the best and most wonderful place but sometimes the words can make people feel really bad!

Maxine Minniver

The funeral looks very extravagant. Can you describe it for us?

It's in the folly which has been decorated beautifully. There are lots of flowers everywhere and the chairs are beautifully decorated. It kind of looks more like a little wedding. There’s a throne which Maxine absolutely adores and she loves the fact that she’s sat in a throne being the queen of the day. Maxine is wearing a ball gown, why wouldn’t she wear a ball gown for her own funeral… I think the word for it is very extravagant!

Was it fun to film those scenes?

It was a lot of fun, especially because the people that I was getting to work with I’ve worked with a lot and I absolutely adore. We had a really good crew as well so it was fun to film.

Maxine and Damon

Damon with Maxine

Jacob Morgan who plays Damon has revealed that the funeral ends in tears, could you tease what could happen?

Yes the funeral will end in tears, not because of anyone dying… it ends in tears because something else  is revealed!

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4

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