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Caroline Quentin: ‘I’d be up for a Men Behaving Badly revival!’

Caroline Quentin: ‘I’d be up for a Men Behaving Badly revival!’
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Caroline Quentin on The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes and why she’d like to revive Men Behaving Badly

It’s 20 years since Caroline Quentin last played spirited Dorothy, the long-suffering other half of Gary, played by Martin Clunes, in Men Behaving Badly. Now, the 57-year-old thinks it might be the right time for the hit comedy to stage a comeback.

“I’d be up for a revival now because enough time has passed,” Caroline told TV Times. “Previously, I wasn't interested. Now it could be fascinating to see what’s happened to all the characters 20 years on. Although it is frightening it was 20 years ago!”

Caroline Quentin

The actress is still in touch with her co-stars and is particularly close to Martin. She made another guest appearance in his Cornish drama Doc Martin last year.

“I absolutely loved it and it’d be great to do another one because I love working with Martin. He only lives half an hour away from me. We are really good friends still, which is lovely because it’s such a long time since we did Men Behaving Badly,” she said.

Caroline Quentin and Piers Taylor

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Extraordinary Homes

Caroline is appearing in the second series of BBC2’s property show The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. The series sees her and architect Piers Taylor peek behind the unusual doors of more innovatively designed houses.

“I’ve renovated more than 20 homes so I know about art and design and property and I love it,” she said. “These people live in a way that most of us only dream of. It makes you think about what it’d be like if you had millions of dollars to build a house.”

While the first episode sees her visit incredible houses in Portugal, later in the series, she and Piers take trips to Switzerland and Japan.

“I’m terrified of doing anything in the houses. We’re in the most expensive places in the world and people have nice things that aren’t easily replaceable,” she laughed. “Sometimes we open a window and the wind whistles through and you hear a pricey painting rattle on the wall!”

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes returns on Wednesday 28 February on BBC2 at 8pm

Main pic: BRENDAN O'SULLIVAN/REX/Shutterstock