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Casualty star Jason Durr reveals why Charlie Fairhead snaps!

Jason Durr as David in Casualty
Fans worry about and care for David in equal measures (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty favourite Jason Durr reveals there’s more to Charlie and David’s fight than meets the eye…

When the Casualty Spring Trailer went live, eagled-eyed fans immediately noticed a clip where mild-mannered nurse David Hide physically pushes ED figurehead Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) to the ground. Since then speculation has been rife!

This week viewers finally get to see what happens between the two colleagues when David inches closer to the truth about Duffy's dementia secret and pushes Charlie for the truth.

What’s on TV talked with Jason Durr, who plays Casualty favourite David. Here he reveals there’s more to this story than first meets the eye…

The word on the street is you beat up Charlie Fairhead…

"[Laughing] Yes! I could never see David as a bruiser, could you?"

No, but tension has been building among the nursing staff for a while. The audience know why, but what does David think is going on?

"Everyone’s trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on, and I think some have a little bit more foresight than others. David seems to have a sort of prescience and ability to see through the quagmire. He’s able to really pick up on what’s happening between Charlie and Duffy, and [this week] he calls Charlie on that. He’s putting two and two together and Charlie doesn’t seem to be giving him the right answers…"

Does David mean well?

"Yes, and it’s only natural that David should question how the department is being run. He thinks if there’s something going on, work it out as a team rather than poor old Charlie having to shoulder the burden all himself."

David also seems to be looking out for junior nurse Jade when no one else is?

Fearful Charlie's deceit leads to violence

Fearful Charlie's deceit leads to violence (Image credit: BBC)

"Absolutely, and again, it’s that quality that David has. He sees and feels things more than most that, quietly, he deals with. He has compassion and understanding. You can’t deny the fact he’s an all round good egg. Unfortunately that lands him in hot water from time to time!"

Can you reveal how the situation escalates to the point of violence?

"Once David has got the bit between his teeth he doesn’t let it lie. He keeps on asking and questioning Charlie. Poor Charlie is in a situation where he’s having to deal with a great deal and he snaps. We like a little explosion now and again!"

We have to ask, how did it feel laying hands on national institution, Derek Thompson/Charlie Fairhead?

"I should have read the large sign that said ‘Do not lay your hands on Derek Thompson’ before I went into the staff room. He is quite rightly a national institution and I think David will be in trouble! You have a very good reason to lay your hands on Charlie Fairhead. I’ll let the audience decide whether David was right to do what he did or not!"

Casualty continues on BBC1.

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