Catherine Zeta-Jones and Toby Jones: 'We'd be lying if we weren't daunted taking on Dad's Army' (VIDEO)

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Toby Jones say they'd be lying if they said they weren't anxious about taking on one of Britain's most treasured TV shows, Dad's Army.

The duo star as Captain Mainwaring and journalist Rose Winters and they talked to What's on TV about the film which takes place in 1944, when sleepy Walmington-on-Sea is put on high alert when there are reports of a spy in their midst.

Toby said: "I'd be lying if we weren't daunted in some way. We both loved the show. I felt very strongly that the script would have to be really, really strong and have a strong cinematic story for it to be worthwhile... And you'd have to get the right kind of actor. The actors who did the original were very experienced stage actors, they weren't really known for comedy... I felt those circumstances had to be right, but I was daunted that would they be able to do that. That was my question."

Hollywood star Catherine and Toby are joined by the cream of UK acting talent, with Sir Michael Gambon playing Private Godfrey, Bill Nighy as Sergeant Wilson, Tom Courtenay as Corporal Jones, Daniel Mays as Walker and Blake Harrison as Private Pike.

Was Toby nervous about being the leader of these stars of stage and screen? "Yes! Of course!"

Catherine said: "For me if these actors were going to do it, I wanted to be part of it. My character had nothing to do with the television series. But still, it's kind of rooted in us Brits, this TV series. I think the characters really stand out by themselves and any good actor would want to get the chance to play these characters."

Dad's Army opens nationwide on Friday, February 5.

Watch the full interview with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Toby Jones, above."]

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