Channels app for Apple TV and iOS gets a major update

Channels App
The Channels 4.0 app on Apple TV is available now. (Image credit: Channels App)

Channels — the third-party over-the-air TV app for HD HomeRun — just got a major update to Version 4.0. It's available now on Apple TV and iOS, and will be available "over time" for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

What's new? A lot, they say. Start with the larger libraries and more ways to customize the app. So now you can choose what you want to show up in the main navigation.

Channels also now has full Movies and TV show sections, which make it easier to browser the larger libraries. You also can surf by new releases, recently added releases, by genre, or by decade.

There's also a new kids section. Once you turn it on you can define whether shows appear in the main library, or just the kids section. (Sorry, Junior, no Hannibal for you!)

The recordings section also has been improved, with a simple list of your recordings sorted by date. Which totally makes sense and was long overdue.

Additionally, autoplay has gotten smarter, there's a new shuffles mode, you can mark shows and movies as favorites, and there's a new kiosk mode that lets you hide the settings menu.

All in all? A pretty significant update for anyone using an HDHomeRun box.

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