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Danny Dyer gutted when his son smashed up his Harry Potter Lego!

Danny Dyer hosts BBC1's The Wall
(Image credit: Endemol Shine UK/Kieron McCarron)

It’s enough to make any dad cry! Poor Danny Dyer had his Lego set knocked over by his son

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has revealed that he was gutted when his six-year-old son Arty wrecked his Harry Potter Lego!

The 43-year-old actor has revealed that he got rather “obsessed” with Lego during Lockdown. And it seems that Danny set about building Hogwarts Castle, which is of course where Harry Potter and his chums go to school in the famous stories.

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It’s not clear which set the father of three was talking about, but if it’s the full scale set, priced at £349.99, then it must have taken a while as it has over 6,000 pieces! Here’s hoping for Danny’s sake it was one of the smaller Harry Potter sets!

Talking about his experience in lockdown, Danny said: “I became obsessed with Lego. Unfortunately, there’s only so long you can have a Hogwarts Castle sitting there when you’ve got a six-year-old running about.

“I watched him smash it up the other day and a little part of me died inside!”

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On the plus side for Danny, he does have a new series of his BBC1 game show The Wall coming up this Saturday. Danny says he’s delighted to be back with a second series.

“There’s been so much uncertainty recently that I wasn’t expecting it at all, so I’m very happy about it. Because of COVID-19, we’ve had to move filming from Poland to London but we’ve built ‘the Wall’ in Wembley Arena to the same spec.

“And we can’t have a studio audience due to social distancing but the game itself brings tension, jeopardy and all the things you need for a great game show, so it hasn’t affected things, really.”

Danny Dyer continues in EastEnders as Mick Carter. The Wall returns for a second series on BBC1 this Saturday at 9.15pm (see our TV guide for other shows to enjoy).