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David Hasselhoff shilling for Pluto TV in drag is exactly what you need right now

David Hasselhoff in an advertisement for Pluto TV
(Image credit: Pluto TV)

This has been out for more than a week now, and it's been seen by nearly 1 million people on YouTube.

And that doesn't make it any less awesome. 

What you have here is 1 minute and 41 seconds of advertisement for Pluto TV by none other than 68-year-old David Hasselhoff. The actor/singer/other stuff guy is the epitome of 1980s and '90s network TV. And by all rights he hasn't changed a bit.

And you know what? The commercial actually is pretty darn good.

PlutoTV, by the way, is a streaming service that's worth keeping around if for no other reason than it is 100 percent free. It's full of channels that you can't (or shouldn't) find anywhere else. It's supported by advertising (which is how it's free) and is a fun little addition to the 30 other streaming services you're likely already paying for. It's got news and movies and sports, entertainment of all sorts — and my favorite, Slow TV.

It's definitely worth a look, if only to get that sight of The Hoff out of your brain.

Phil Nickinson

Phil spent his 20s in the newsroom of the Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal, his 30s on the road for and Mobile Nations, is the Dad part of Modern Dad, and is editor of