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Death in Paradise reveals Ben Miller and Sara Martins return date as Richard and Camille

Death in Paradise Ben Miller
(Image credit: BBC/Red Planet)

Death in Paradise legends will be back very soon!

Death in Paradise season 10 will see the much anticipated return of Ben Miller as DI Richard Poole and Sara Martins as Poole's former sergeant, Camille Bordey.

And now the BBC has revealed that the show’s original cop and sidekick will return on Friday 5th February at 9pm.

The big question in Richard’s case is how can a character who was brutally murdered suddenly be alive and well? Is Richard simply a ghost? Is the character actually Richard’s long lost twin brother? Or, in a huge twist, was the character never really dead in the first place? Was it all an elaborate undercover operation?

What we do now for sure is that Ben and Sara will return to Death in Paradise in the second part of a two-part story.

Death in Paradise original stars Camille and Richard Poole

Richard and Camille are back for the new series!

The two-part story is at the heart of the show’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The opening episode, to go out on Thursday 4th February at 9pm, will see Neville question his feelings for Florence.

This series of Death in Paradise has been building up to a possible romance between Neville and Florence.

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Meanwhile, Neville is investigating a complex murder case. The BBC teases that the mystery deepens “when a cryptic clue from beyond the grave recalls memories of a case that Commissioner Patterson (Don Warrington) thought he had solved 20 years ago. In a rare show of emotion, he becomes personally invested, determined to uncover the truth once and for all.”

The Commissioner ends up asking another old Death in Paradise favourite, D.S.Camille Bordey for help…

The return of DI Poole and Camille to Death in Paradise…

Then the second episode will feature both Richard and Camille. The story will see Camille’s mother, Catherine, attacked and her life hanging in the balance. Camille is determined to get justice for her mother.

The only clue the BBC give to how Richard is back is: “DI Richard Poole’s (Ben Miller) presence is felt on the island, as the past and the present collide…”

Death in Paradise continues on BBC1.