Does HDHomeRun Servio work with the Channels app?


Best answer: Yes, you can use HDHomeRun Servio with the Channels app as long as you already have an HDHomeRun tuner. You will have to play for Channels Plus to save your shows and enjoy them later.

A perfect pairing

When it comes to Channels and HDHomeRun, they are a match made in heaven. With Channels primarily made to work with HDHomeRun, it's the perfect choice to get the most out of your live TV. Add these two together and pay just a little more for DVR, and you can have a great TV experience.

With Channels, you only pay $80 a year or $8 a month to enjoy their DVR service and save the shows you might miss. Although it may cost a bit, it's worth the charge to record your shows and not have to pay for cable service. You can save your sitcoms, football games, and movies with storage for about 300 hours of recorded shows.

How Channels works

Channels works with your tuner to bring live TV right to your TV, so that channel scrolling is much easier and simpler. With an easy to use interface similar to what you might find with your standard cable provider, it's incredibly easy to fall in love with Channels. Not to mention, you can access it on any device with the Channels app, which is very easy to download.

Once you get your tuner, setting up the Channels app is extremely easy, with just a few steps to go forward.

  1. Plug in your tuner to your antenna .
  2. Plug your tuner into your internet router .
  3. Open up the HDHomeRun app to complete the setup.
  4. Download the Channels app .
  5. Enjoy live TV.

If you purchase Channels Plus , you'll also have to set it up for DVR abilities with your Servio to save your favorite programs and enjoy them later. Although it costs $8 a month or $80 a year , the convenience of being able watch on your own time is worth every cent.

What is HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is a tuner that uses over-the-air antenna waves to give you live TV without paying that huge cable bill every month. This allows you to cut down monthly costs while also getting all the shows you know in love. To understand what channels you're getting ahead of time, you'll want to use the links that SiliconDust provides to see what is available for you.

To ensure you get the most out of your live TV along with your Servio, you'll have to check out what tuner would work best for you. If you need to connect a lot of devices or even want to see it on your TV, you'll have a tuner that will fit your needs. They've got a perfect choice for just about every family or individual out there.