Does 'Q: Into the Storm' reveal who Q really is?

Ron Watkins, aka CodeMonkey, who definitely isn't Q. Nope. Not at all. Just ask him.
Ron Watkins, aka CodeMonkey, who definitely isn't Q. Nope. Not at all. Just ask him. (Image credit: HBO)

We've now, together, made it through all six episodes of Q: Into the Storm on HBO and HBO Max. Six hours of attention-seeking and desperation and insanity and trying to figure out just how it all came to be, how it all fits together — and what the hell this conspiracy theory wrapped in an enigma wrapped in racism wrapped in nihilism wrapped in fatalism will ultimately mean.

It was, to put it mildly, a bizarre trip into darker parts of the internet and politics of the past few years. And if you were hoping to come out the other side with any real answers, we don't have them for you.

The figure of "Q" — the supposed White House insider who had presumed to be able to predict the future —  almost certainly was Ron Watkins, admin of 8Chan/8Kun. He all but admitted it in the final episode. That in and of itself was a pretty stunning (if not wholly predicable) revelation.

Ron's father, Jim, who owned 8Chan and 8Kun and watches and pens — is last seen at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Also no surprise there, never mind that he spent the prior five episodes saying he didn't really follow politics or care about U.S. politics in the slightest.

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Fred Brennan, meanwhile, — the former owner of 8Chan — retreated to the United States, having very much lost the game of "who can be worst" to Jim and Ron while all were living in the Philippines. It was never really explained why documentarian Cullen Hoback helped him escape instead of merely capturing the escapade on camera. Just one more answer we're left without.

But the biggest question of all — more important than who Q is/was, or what happened to all of the awful people we met along the way — also remains unanswered.

Just how the hell will all of this end? Will it continue peter out? Or just slowly smolder until the next gust of stupid comes along to ignite things once more?

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