Dr Christian would like to see YOU now in new TV show (VIDEO)

The well-loved TV doc Dr Christian is back with a new concept show and is on the look out for patients who want to share their stories

Doctor Christian Jessen was taking the cases that other medics wouldn't touch in hit series Embarrassing Bodies, but rather than peering at unsightly orifices, he'll be dealing with the psychology of being ill in his new show, Dr Christian Will See You Now.

"I'm particularly interested in the psychology of ill-health," he said. "How does it affect you and your family and your relationship? There's never one person involved in an illness, there are always two or three people involved."

If you'd like to appear on the show, then Dr Christian would love to hear from you, and is desperate to help people who might be struggling to put their lives back together after treatment.

"We treat the condition, but we also need to treat the fall-out of that condition and that's the thing that gets forgotten in telly!" he explained.

"It would be a mistake not to get involved with these people. I remember at medical school I was taught to switch off and remain detached, I remember thinking that was wrong and that it would make me too cold and clinical."

Dr Christian Will See You Now comes to W soon

For more info on taking part in the series, call 020 3828 2441 or 07596 585724 by Monday, 17 October. Alternatively, email: health@firecrackerfilms.com


Sean Marland

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