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This EastEnders favourite to cheat on her husband tonight?

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Rainie Branning is angry and on a mission in this evening's EastEnders

Rainie Branning could cheat on her husband Max tonight when she flirts with a random fella she meets in The Queen Vic.

The former crack addict has felt increasingly pushed out by Max (played by Jake Wood) in recent times and is incensed when she learns Max has left Iqra and Habiba in charge.

EastEnders Rainie Branning

A furious Rainie feels pushed out by Max in EastEnders this evening and gets drunk in the Vic.

Feeling ignored by Max, Rainie (Tanya Franks) hits the bottle and quickly finds a guy to chat to.

This plot continues next week, when Rainie heads to an NA meeting, having woken up with a blinding hangover after meeting that man in the pub. Did they sleep together?

And she gets a shock when she sees Stuart at the meeting! Rainie quickly jumps out of sight and eavesdrops on Stuart from afar...

Rainie spots Stuart at an NA meeting

Rainie spots Stuart at an NA meeting

However, Rainie is often her own worst enemy and she takes the risky step of taunting Stuart in the pub later on about what he said.

Stuart ends up telling Rainie everything and pleads with her not to tell anyone else about what she knows. Paranoid Stuart then decides he has to keep a close eye on Rainie to make sure she doesn’t blab to Dot… Is Rainie in danger from Stuart? We all know what he’s capable of!

Meanwhile, back to tonight’s EastEnders, and it will also see Tiffany helping Bernadette prepare for her big date. However, things don’t go quite to plan as Tiffany ends up thinking Habiba is her date.

While Habiba isn’t bothered about the mix up, Bernadette is left felling crushed.

Also, this evening Stacey tries to find a job for Ruby. Plus Mitch and Bailey plan a surprise for Karen to take her mind off poor Keanu…

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC1.