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EastEnders cast reveal 'incredible stories' are on the way when soap returns for good

(Image credit: BBC)

'We’ve got some incredible stories to show you,' teases Martin actor James Bye

The coronavirus lockdown had a drastic impact on the world of soap production - and BBC 1 smash hit EastEnders was among one of the many shows forced to go off air in light of the global health crisis.

With the pandemic meaning that social distancing has become a pivotal part of the way we live, filming for soaps, in which packed pub scenes, romance filled storylines and face-to-face drama are key, had to come to a complete stop.

Luckily, EastEnders managed to stay on air throughout the majority of the filming ban, thanks to the backlog of ready-made episodes.

Now, with socially distanced filming a go, the award winning East London based drama is set to make a return to our screens soon.

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Filming began again on Monday and a new video, shared on the EastEnders social media platforms, shows just how life on set will look for the foreseeable future.

Whitney Dean actress Shona McGarty can be seen in the footage, sharing her excitement for being back at work.

"I’m so happy getting back into my Whitney gear," she says in the clip.

"A typical day at EastEnders is very different now. There are a lot of measures in place, there’s a one-way system, so when you come in in the morning you go one way.

"It’s strange because usually when you’re filming, you shouldn’t be looking at where you’re supposed to stand for your little mark, but everybody’s walking like this because we’re following the signs!"

James Bye, who plays Martin Fowler, also stars in the video and made sure to share a hint about what's to come for keen EastEnders viewers.

"It’s amazing to see what production have done to be able to keep us here and get us going.

"It’s all very safe, and we’ve got some incredible stories to show you, and we cannot wait for you to see what we’ve been up to!"