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Fans spot major plot hole after it was revealed Max sent Jane away

Where is she?

Following Max’s dramatic downfall – when it was revealed he tried to kill Jane before making her flee Albert Square – viewers have some questions…

Where is Jane and why hasn’t Ian contacted his wife?

After Stacey finally listened to Jane’s incriminating voicemails, it wasn’t long before Max’s daughter Abi found out and informed Ian of the shocking truth and fans are puzzled as to why he’s done nothing with the information.

One wrote online: ‘Ian and Kathy found out the truth about why Jane went away at Christmas. Why isn’t Ian trying to get in touch with her? It makes absolutely no sense!’

Another said: ‘There is no reasonable explanation why Jane wouldn’t have returned by now.’

But some are convinced they know why Jane is reluctant to return to the Square. ‘Jane left because of Max’s threat to harm Bobby, until she’s convinced that the threat is removed she is staying away,’ one reasoned. ‘She’ll need a lot of convincing because she knows how devious, ruthless and plausible Max is.’

With Max currently doing everything he can to stop doctors turning off Abi’s life support machine – after she fell off the Queen Vic roof and was declared brain dead – there’s no denying he’s got other things on his mind right now…