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George Cole: Arthur Daley was a 'dreadful character'

George Cole has confessed he hated his Minder character Arthur Daley.

The 88-year-old actor played the wheeler dealer in the hit TV show for 15 years until 1994, but has now admitted in his autobiography, The World Was My Lobster, he wasn't as much of a fan of Arthur as everybody else was, according to the Mirror.

George revealed: "It used to be worrying sometimes when I got letters from young children saying that Arthur Daley was just like their dad. I wouldn't wish that on any of them.

"In my opinion, he was a rather unlikeable person. In fact, not to mince words, I think he was a dreadful character. I can't understand how he could have become so popular.

"He behaved terribly to people who got in the way of his making a quick quid - and still the audience loved him."

He added: "He was actually written as a loveable rogue - but personally, I am not so sure about the 'loveable' part."

However, the actor admitted he owed a lot to the role which he played for 107 episodes over 11 series.

George wrote: "I certainly earned a few 'sovs' out of him over the years."