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Get hyped for Eevee Day in Pokemon Go with the latest episode from the show!

While there's no shortage of similarities between Disney XD's Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures and its Nintendo 3DS counterparts, this weekend the folks at The Pokemon Company are taking things one big step further. While people playing the explosively popular mobile game Pokemon Go are gearing up for a global two-day Eevee event this Saturday and Sunday, the TV show aired an episode all about this unique and ridiculously popular Pokemon to help fuel the hype.

Season 21, Episode 21 of Pokemon the Series, Turning Heads and Training Hard , is all about Eevee. Specifically the Eevee owned by Ilima, a famed graduate of the training program Ash is currently enrolled in. Ash and Ilima have an important thing in common, both their Pikachu and their Eevee have no intention of ever evolving and both of their trainers are totally cool with that. We know Ash and Pikachu are going to be together just like they are now because the show has dedicated episodes to this idea in the past, but Eevee is popular almost entirely due to its ability to evolve into many different things depending on the situations around it as it evolves. Instead of letting his Eevee do its thing, Ilima has worked with his Pokemon and a special Z-Crystal to make it the most powerful unevolved Eevee we've ever seen. Generally speaking, it's a pretty cute episode where you get to see all of the Eevee Evolutions together in one place.

So why does this matter for Pokemon Go players? As it turns out, the move we get to see Ilima's Eevee perform in the show is the special move being made available only to people participating in the Eevee Community Day events this weekend. As much fun as it is to see Last Resort powered up with a Z-Crystal in the show, it's going to be even more fun to be able to catch a ton of Eevee over the weekend with that ability as a unique special thing to show off to your friends.

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