'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' finds something even cuter than Paul Rudd

The Mini-Puft from Ghostbusters: Afterlife
(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

We'll stipulate that in a scene with Paul Rudd, it's tough for anything to stand out. The man is a freak of nature. But Ghostbusters: Afterlife has done it. In a new teaser out today, we get our first look at an old friend. And he's smaller.

Wherein the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man was the big bad in the original Ghostbusters (thanks, Ray), Mini-Pufts are now a thing. And they're cute as hell. And someone is going to sell a million of them this year. 

They're also going to be trouble. And not in the same vein as Baby Yoda or Baby Groot. (Though we definitely see the theme here.) First is that there seem to be a million of these things. How they come to be is another story, and one we're not yet privy to. But, damn, there are a lot of them.

It's worth watching this teaser a few times, too, to get the full scope of just what the hell is going on. Paul Rudd just wants some ice cream and some kind of frosting. (I've gained an extra 2 pounds just watching this trailer, while Rudd somehow burned 1,200 calories.) Then the Mini-Puft dude appears, followed by dozens and dozens more.

But look at what they're up to. Sliding in on a generic Roomba. One is crushing another under ... the sheer weight of a tiny living marshmallow. Two more have been skewered and about to be barbecued, as a third melts through the grill grates. Another is dripping marshmallow saliva from the toasting rack, which is just ... weird.

Cut to the s'mores from hell, which looks more like some sort of paranormal S&M scene. (We're not judging. OK, maybe a little.) 

All that is to say is that when Ghostbusters: Afterlife is released this fall, it's gonna be fun. And very, very weird.

Phil Nickinson

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